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How much should I budget for longer moves?

How much should I budget for longer moves?

Do you know how much long-distance moves usually cost? Do you have an idea about how to begin the budgeting process and obtain an accurate long distance movers quote? People in the midst of planning for long-distance trips need a lot of information.

For starters, they usually want to call around and get a few long distance moving quotes just to ballpark their total expenses. That’s a smart way to begin, for sure, but there’s even more to it than that.

For example, before you hire a long distance mover, you’ll want to research all the factors that go into the project, like knowing the exact distance from your current home to your new one, the weight of your belongings, and dozens of additional things. A reputable long distance van line will be able to give you a much more accurate quote over the phone or in person when you know all the particulars in advance.

Some people wonder about the possibility of doing the entire job themselves. The DIY (do-it-yourself) method has its advantages and disadvantages, so that’s another subject you will want to explore before making any final decisions about long-distance trips and moving in general.

What’s the best place to begin? First, find out how people budget long-distance moves. Next, check out the most common questions that people ask before they hire a long distance mover. Finally, examine the pros and cons of doing the whole job yourself. Choosing a long distance van line that has the experience and reputation you’re looking for is the key to the entire puzzle of safely moving from point A to point B with all your belongings.

How To Budget Your Long-Distance Move

The majority of adults have been involved in several local moves, but long-distance moving is an entirely different creature. Plus, staying local means you can usually work with a small budget of just a couple hundred dollars, and perhaps less if you rent a small truck and do the chore all by yourself.

The cost of long distance movers depends on several key factors and can vary widely based on the total distance, the weight of your items, and other aspects of the project. For example, the cost of moving to a nearby city vs moving all the way across the country is like night and day. The point is this: coming up with an expense budget for a move means you’ll have to do some homework, make a few phone calls, and come up with a rather detailed checklist about your move.

You can learn a lot by finding out what people typically ask when they are searching for long distance moving quotes and attempting to estimate the cost of long distance movers for a particular job. Do an hour or so of Internet searching on your own to get familiar with the main topics.

Key Factors For Making a Moving Budget

Want to know how to come up with a budget based on long distance movers cost, timing of the move, the amount of stuff you have, etc? These factors are a good starting point for your research:

Date: There are good and not-so-good dates to move. To save money, opt for the middle of the week rather than weekends, and for the middle of the month rather than the beginning or end.

Size: Perhaps the single most crucial factor in the cost of a longer move is the amount of stuff you have, particularly the weight of what you will be moving.

Season: Moving companies tend to charge more during the summer because that’s when demand is highest. Choose cooler months to get better rates and seasonal discounts.

Distance: Together with the weight of your goods, distance is the other primary factor in determining the total cost of a move.

Special Items: If you have so-called “special” items, like safes, pianos, large art works, etc., then you’ll pay more to move them.

Add-Ons: Don’t forget to budget for supplies, charges for packing/unpacking, insurance, storage, and other assorted extras.

What If You Want To Do It Yourself?

Going it alone has its good and bad points. But if you plan a non-local move, there are far more cons than pros. Remember that the lowest cost solution is not always the best one. Sure, it makes sense to try your best to save money, take advantage of available discounts, and get the most reasonable long distance movers quote you can. But if you opt for the DIY route on a big move, consider these points:

Pro: You might be able to save a few dollars if all goes well

Pro: You’ll be able to move anytime you want

Con: You’ll be very tired of packing and lifting much sooner than you expect

Con: There’s a good chance you’ll end up spending more due to poor planning and not being able to get price breaks on fuel, truck rental, supplies, etc.

Con: Unless you’re an experienced mover, you risk damaging your belongings

Con: There’s a high risk of injury if you’re not in top shape or don’t have enough help

Con: The job will likely take much longer than if you hired a professional mover

Making the Final Decision

Once you decide to work with a reliable moving company that has a rock-solid reputation, you’ll be pleased with what Arpin Van Lines has to offer. With more than a century of experience in the long-distance moving industry, Arpin knows what it takes to help you stay within your budget while getting the very best service available. Feel free to call us with any of your moving-related questions and we’ll be happy to help. Our number is 877-856-4660. We look forward to hearing from you.

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