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8 Ways Your Local Business Can Get More Customer Calls

8 Ways Your Local Business Can Get More Customer Calls

Everyone wants their business to grow a lot and be successful. The business constantly needs new customers to grow. But drawing new customers is not that easy job. It is believed that acquiring new customers is ten times harder than retaining old ones.

Although it is difficult to get a new customer, it is also necessary to sustain the business.

Luckily, there are various ways to attract new customers, such as traditional marketing and digital marketing. You can take the help of professional SEO services for the campaign.

Again, in digital marketing, there are multiple means to attract new customers. One such method is using an attractive CTA (Click-to-action).

CTA are nothing but an instruction to the audience designed to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as call now, Schedule a meeting, or Book now.

Out of these CTAs, ‘call now’ is the most preferred choice for all digital marketers. Because using the medium of phone calls, you can reach the customer directly without any kind of constraint.

Besides, you can also understand the customers and their demands very well.

However, in order to get more customer calls for your local businesses, either you have to hire professional SEO services or else you have to employ some digital techniques and follow our tricks.

Here, we have enlisted the top 8 Ways Your Local Business Can Get More Customer Calls. We will go through each of these methods in detail.

1) Get an Easy to Remember Phone Number

The first step is to find an easy and memorable phone number. The benefit of having a memorable phone number is that people will remember it quickly even after reading it once.

To add, this is an easy job, and you don’t need the help of SEO services for that. 

Find a phone number that has a pair or group of identical numbers or has some striking digit patterns. 

For example, assume a bakery owner has two phone numbers 1) 875417643 and 2) 98989 6655.

Which phone number do you find easy to remember? Of course the 2nd number – 98989 6655.

But why? Because that number has a repetitive pattern. 98 repeat two times. Besides, there are two identical pairs of digits, i.e., 66 and 55.

All of this makes it an excellent number to remember. While in 1st number- 875417643, there is no such pattern, which makes it hard to remember.

Therefore, always find a contact number which is easy and memorable.

2) Design Attractive & Tempting CTAs

CTAs play an important role in driving conversions. People often tend to get attracted by appealing CTAs. Besides, it is also observed that attractive CTAs offer a higher conversion rate than the bad designed CTAs.

As a business owner, you must make sure that the professional SEO services that you hire, place the CTAs in such a way that it is clearly visible to the visitors. Also, ensure that it has an attractive and compelling text.

Few other tips for designing effective CTAs are:

1. Choose highly contrasting colors.

2. Take care of the button size and font size.

3. Make the button rounded squircle or rounded square. 

4. Limit the button choice to two.

Follow these customs while designing the CTAs, and we guarantee that you will witness the significant improvement in the conversion rate- CTR.

3) The number should be easily visible on your website

Imagine, you have an easy to remember phone number, but you have placed it in a way that it is too hard to spot and is not visible to the website audience.

Does such a poor placement of the phone number will help you to increase the customer calls or conversion rate? Of course Not.

Therefore, it is recommended that you always place the phone number on websites in such a manner that it is clearly visible to the audience.

Though most of the Local SEO services providers are very well aware of this method, you are supposed to remind them in case they forget to do so.

Besides, add the number at multiple places on the website, including at the header and the footer.

4) Use the phone number in the Google AdWords campaign

Add your phone number in the Google AdWords campaign to increase click through rates.

AdWords’ Call extensions let you add phone numbers to your ads, which can significantly increase clickthrough rates. When your call extensions show, people can tap or click a button to call your business directly.

That means more customer engagement with your ads and more chances for you to get and track your conversions.

This feature enables potential clients/customers to call your company directly through the ads. But to implement this feature, you need the help of an SEO services provider.

The approach is exercised during the call-only campaign, in which the sole purpose of the campaign is to increase click through rates (CTRs).

5) Add your contact number to every social media network

Social media is a powerful medium to enhance your online presence as well as to engage customers 24*7.

You can utilize this medium to get more customer calls for your business.

Share the details of your social media accounts with the local SEO services provider you hire.

Besides, almost all social media platforms now have a dedicated call button that allows the customers to reach the business directly without any barriers.

Use this feature to advertise your phone number to a larger audience. The prospective customers will definitely get in touch with you as and when needed through this ‘call’ feature.

Besides, you can also use the header or profile picture of your profile for advertising the phone number.

6) Track your calls pattern to modify the campaign

To get an in-depth view of your call-focused campaign, it is necessary to know how the campaign went. You need to understand what went right and what went wrong.

You can even hire the professional SEO services provider for the necessary assistance.

Analyze the pattern of the calls you have received. Check out for the CTAs that return higher CTRs and the one which failed to attract the audience.

Also, use call tracking technologies to help your digital marketing team to analyze the different channels and review each of the results thoroughly.

Also, examine the period during which you witness high call volume and the least call volume.

With all these results in mind, plan out your new marketing strategy.

7) Add Phone number to as many places as possible

 Ask your SEO services provider to add your Phone number to as many places as possible to increase its visibility and reach. We suggest you add the phone number to the following places:

1) At Email Footer

2) Social media profiles

3) Visiting cards

4) Website header and footer

5) Social media post

6) Banner and advertisement

7) Automated Text Messages

8) Entry and exit pop-ups

9) Contact us page

10) In Google My Business

Minimize the bounce rate by placing the phone number in exit pop-ups.

Exit Pop-ups are the templates that display the exit messages to website visitors before they leave the page.

You can use this feature to display the phone number in a decent way in an attempt to retrieve the visitors.

In the exit pop-ups, you can simply ask the customer to enter their phone number in the specified field to receive a free call back later. This trick might work for the customers who were about to leave the website for any reason.

This trick will work for customers who might be in a hurry for now, but they are impressed with your services and want to get more information.

We all know that getting as much as customer calls is a dream of every business. But to make it happen is not that easy task. However, you can always hire professional SEO services for the project.

Don’t hesitate to spend some bucks on SEO services. Remember, the number of benefits you will yield from this exercise is much higher compared to the investment.

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