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A Comprehensive Guide to Link Roundup Technique!

A Comprehensive Guide to Link Roundup Technique!

Every business owner knows the real value of website traffic whether it’s about small or large organization. With the availability of various effective marketing trends, marketers are looking for different techniques for building traffic and links. 

One of the best ways to generate high-value traffic is link roundup. It is a fantastic link building technique to drive traffic. These are weekly, daily, or monthly summarized lists of the best content that features links to other people’s blog posts. 

Make sure the link and blog post is themed around a similar topic. 

Many companies are familiar with such affordable SEO services, including others. So, choose an appropriate SEO company and take your business to the next level. However, let’s have a look at the comprehensive guide to link roundup technique:

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What are Link Roundups?

Guide to Create Link Roundup Technique!

  • Generate Informative Content
  • Investigate Thoroughly Link Roundup
  • Use Advanced Search Operators
  • Approach Through Twitter Accounts
  • Pitch your Content

Wrapping Up!

 Link Roundup

What are Link Roundups?

The link roundups occur when other websites link in the best content on their blog posts. These sites are actively linking to other sites according to the structure of their link roundup. This will increase your chances of winning links when you approach such websites that are interested in this type of content creation. 

In result, you can achieve your link building goals easier, faster with fewer efforts. The overall purpose behind this to share valuable and informative content with your readers through other sources. You can build links to content pages including blogs, case studies, guides, videos, & educations articles.

Guide to Create Link Roundup Technique!

Generate Informative Content

When it comes to generating more sales and leads through link roundups, it is necessary to focus on quality content. Once they label you as an experienced blogger, you can perfectly provide more exposure and link building opportunities for years to users. 

While creating content, you need to focus on these 3 factors:

  • What type of content to produce?
  • How to focus on your niche?
  • How to approach webmasters with right message?

By doing so, you can create a spectacular piece of content, which will effectively generate a strong link roundup outreach campaign. 

 Informative Content

Think About Broader Topics

You need to think over broader topics that users actually looking for. Make sure the content includes the factors, benefits, classifications and other major components of a particular topic. You could argue on how these metrics are helpful. By focusing on broader topics that are according to niche, you can effectively increase the number of link roundup topics. It takes a little time to find topics related to these sub-niches. 

Focus on Keyword

Focus on Keyword

With a little help of Google, type a particular keyword that is related to your topic. This will show you the search volume for the recommended keywords at the bottom of the page. It is one of the best ways to generate an idea for content creation and expand your reach. Do not forget about the sub-topics that are actively getting a high search volume. By finding such hidden and popular topics, you can increase the chances of attracting the attention of people. Many affordable SEO services in Sydney providers are well aware of this strategy on how to choose the best keyword. 

Investigate Thoroughly Link Roundup

In this step, make sure each roundup link must be recent. Do a quick manual check and filter out old and outdated results. Click on “Tools” button at the left corner of search bar. After that, click on “Any time” drop-down list and select “Past Month”. it is necessary to use the recent results.

In addition, avoid the sites using “nofollow” links. If you come across a website that consistently using nofollows links within their link roundups, then avoid them. Instead of this, it would be good enough to write content them and automatically featured it in a post. So, do not pitch the nofollowers’ website. 

Use Advanced Search Operators

In order to start your search, make sure you are using advanced search operators to narrow the results. Search engine operators are query types used to receive specific results from Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more. By taking the root operator and combining it with your keyword, it will give you a great result. Pay close attention to the title and Meta description of the search results. After this, collect the contact information and personal email address of websites in order to contact them. 

Approach Through Twitter Accounts

Using a Twitter account for approaching clients will give a ton of roundup opportunities on the table. By heading over to the Twitter advanced search page, it gives you so many different options for narrowing your search. Be specific and play around with different search fields. Check the recent link roundups on the Twitter account and scroll down until you find some that are relevant. Document these opportunities in your link research tab and repeat the process. 

Pitch your Content

Once you have a list of websites that have active link roundups, it is time to contact them and pitch your content accordingly. By documenting all the communication, you can stay organized. Send the same message to multiple sites in order to pitch your webmasters. You can contact them using their contact info or their personal email-ID.  Once contact has been made, you could send a message via Skype or another social media channel. This is the best way to build a relationship with your clients. Once they get familiar with your brand and website, they will keep posting you in their roundups moving forward. 

Make sure your pitch personalized and does not look spammy. Be reliable and let them know that you are actually familiar with their roundups.

Wrapping Up!

In order to create an effective link roundup, it is necessary to focus on the above-mentioned comprehensive guide. The more qualitative content you generated, the more likely it will provide the opportunity to get a high-valued link. Therefore, create great content, sort bad opportunities, find link roundup opportunities with advanced search operators tools and social media, and at last document all the necessary information in order to outreach and stay organized.   

By following this, you will end up with getting the most absolute and qualitative leads to your post. You can generate effective results on your website with the right and step by step process. In addition, the search engine optimisation packages come under the minimum budget constraints and capable of providing maximum website traffic.

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