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Get Creative with Light Switch Cover Plate

Get Creative with Light Switch Cover Plate

Cover plates are an essential item of décor for your place. There are numerous options available in light switch cover plates such as different colours, textures, finishes, and patterns.

The latest trend that people are following is getting creative with switch cover plates. If you are looking to add a little bit of personal touch without spending a bomb on high-end cover plates, this trend is perfect for you.

 It allows you to play with different ideas and products. Here are some ideas that can inspire you:

Using a decorative paper

If you are a beginner in crafts, this is one of the easiest methods of updating your cover plate.

All you would require is a pair of scissors, glue and an appealing paper. Choose an appropriate textured or non-textured paper and stick it carefully on the cover plate. And voila! You have transformed the boring switch plate to an attractive one.

Frame your plate

This literally requires no skill of crafts at all. This idea requires you to find a frame that is in proportionate to the size of your cover plate and that looks pretty. You can decorate the frame by adding different elements or colours. But just by adding a simple frame, your cover plate will look 10 times unique.

Use clay to slay

Another great way of keeping up your cover plate game is to use polymer clay. Add your kids with you in this project and see their creativity. It is a great way to have family time together and get your interiors beautified. Just get the measurements of your switch plates correct and you are ready to roll.

Paint it

If you love doodling or painting, this one is the best for you. Imprinting your personal design that reflect your taste and choice helps in customizing your interiors.

The various options of colours and tools available in the market makes it very convenient to remodel switch plates at a convenient price.

Do not forget to run a layer of transparent glue after your masterpiece is completed to protect the colours in the long run.

Fabric coating

The types of fabric available in the market are in abundance. If you do not feel like spending, you can use a small piece of your old clothing for this tip! Decorate it with lace, or even satin of you are feeling a little fancy, this idea is a winner because of the little effort, time and money required for execution.


Trends in switch plates are changing continuously. It can be daunting to undergo the whole process of selecting switch and cover plates.

you can now avail the facility of choosing your plates and switches through visualizer tool that match your wall at your home.

If this process is too overwhelming, you can always go to Vihan Electricals website and check out their gorgeous and affordable range of switch cover plates!

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