LG 360 Camera Viewer

What is a 360-degree view camera? By the name, it says that it’s camera that is capable to take pictures and click videos in the viewing angle up to 360 degrees. There are many cameras available in the market but not all of them stands on their spec sheets. Here, we have LG’s new 360 cam viewer that looks somewhat better than the others. But what is the reality, we will find it out in this complete review of LG 360 cam viewer camera.

Actually, LG 360 cam viewer is a camera extension of LG G5 smartphone. However, it is not necessary to purchase LG G5 smartphone to make it work. It can work with any smartphone that supports VR. Also, you don’t have to worry about the operating system support. This device can support both Android as well as iOS devices. If this is not enough, then you should know that LG 360 cam viewer can even work individually as it has its own 1200 mAh battery in-built.

Well, this 360 image viewing camera has many ultimate features to showcase. Let’s check them out.

Main Highlights of LG 360 Cam Viewer

In term of feature, it’s an ultimate product to watch out. It has dual camera sensors and both faces in opposite directions. Both the sensors are equipped with a fish-eye lens that allows it to capture a full 360-degree image. Not only it has this, both the sensors are of 13 megapixels and both captured the image till 206 degrees.

Well, there are many 360 images capturing camera available but not as good as LG’s 360 cam viewer. According to its price, the other cameras offer very low-resolution images but LG 360 offers an outstanding image quality with the resolution of 2560 X 1280.

It has very fewer buttons, to be very honest you will require a smartphone to use it very effectively. For connecting it the smartphone, it requires a control app that is available on Play Store as well as on App Store too. Usually, the camera uses WIFI connectivity to get sync with the app but here the camera uses Bluetooth.

LG 360 Cam Viewer

However, this camera has some pros and cons too.


  • As mentioned above that this camera captures a 360-degree image at a very impressive image resolution. However, it even captures a full 360-degree video at the same resolution i.e., 2560 X 1280
  • It is capable enough to capture VR videos and allows users to upload it directly on YouTube. Anyone can upload pictures on Google Street View while clicking photos.
  • With an amazing specification and feature packed 360 cameras, LG 360 cam viewer is the most affordable and best 360 cameras in its segment.


  • Yes, it can work alone to capture images and videos but before, this camera requires a connectivity with the mobile for its configuration. However, this is something very weird as until and unless this camera is not configured, a user cannot capture images or videos.
  • Who will not be uploading their captured 360 degrees VR images and videos on Facebook? But, LG 360 cam viewer does not allow direct upload of the VR videos on Facebook. You will have to save it manually on your smartphone or laptop and then you can upload it on Facebook.
  • Well, this one is very annoying. It’s good to know that this camera can support the SD Card up to 1TB but it does not have its own flash memory.

For the final verdict, the LG 360 cam viewer is one of the most values for money device that captures amazing images as well as VR videos. Now, it’s all on you, compare with other 360 image capturing cameras and then choose the best for yourself.

By Anurag Rathod

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