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What are the Vital Reasons You Should Learn 7 Programming Languages in 2020?

What are the Vital Reasons You Should Learn 7 Programming Languages in 2020?

Are you wondering about making a career in the field of software development? But don’t know where to start? And which programming language should learn considering current technological trends and career growth? To help you out we have crafted a list of 7 programming languages to consider learning in 2020. All these languages are appropriate for different use cases like web development, mobile app development, game development and others.

You can opt for any of them to start your journey as a software developer. However, the understanding which programming language suits your interest and you can pursue it as your career would come with time and experience.

So let’s have a look at the top 7 programming languages you should prefer to learn in 2020 to make a career in the software development sector.

Mobile App Development:

The increased use of smartphones worldwide has come up as the boom for the mobile app development industry. The programming language I am going to suggest is one of the most preferred mobile app development languages, and you need to learn ASAP.

1. Swift:

Swift is a programming language introduced by Apple in 2014. It is used to develop iOS and macOS applications. Since its introduction, the language has been optimized to return a better performance and meet the requirements of modern iOS development. iOS is essential for every operating system, whether it is for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watches (watchOS) and Apple TVs (tvOS). So, Swift is not going to be outdated as Apple is a tech industry leader, and already there is a high demand for iOS mobile apps in the market. Learning Swift is an excellent option to start a career in mobile app development.

Cross-Platform App Development:

The demand for cross-platform app development is quite high in the year 2020, considering businesses’ demand for developing apps for both Android and iOS platforms. So cross-platform app development is the best available solution, which not only saves time and resources but also remains pocket-friendly for the authority that wants to develop applications. We have listed some of the most preferred frameworks for cross-platform app development which are as follows.

2. Flutter:

Flutter is an open-source UI framework released by Google in May 2017. It is good to build beautiful apps for mobile, web and desktop using a single codebase. It is easy to learn, and you can take support from the Flutter community for any query. The applications developed using flutter provide fantastic UI/UX experience, native performance, and can develop fastly.

3. Ionic:

Ionic is also an open-source UI framework that is widely used for developing hybrid mobile apps and web apps. Using ionic, you can build stunning apps with lightning speed. All you need to create a single codebase and further use it for different platforms. It is easy to learn and backed by a global community comprising more than 5M developers in over 200 countries. For any query and confusion, you can consult them and get appropriate suggestions.

4. React Native:

React Native is the third programming language, we opted, if you want to make your career in the cross-platform mobile app development. Created by Facebook, React Native was released in 2015. It is the combination of best parts of native development with React, that is a JavaScript library for offering amazing user interfaces. It is easy to learn for the whole new developers while the existing team of native developers add something new to their portfolio for faster app development.

Web Development:

Anyone who wants online visibility of its business, web development is the need of the moment in this ever-evolving technological world. A beautiful, well-formatted website with proper navigation not only increases traffic but also generates leads and engage customers for better ROI. So if you want to make a career in web development, you can go with the given below programming language to start your journey as a developer.

5. PHP:

PHP also known as Hypertext Preprocessor, is one of the most preferred programming languages to develop a website. As per an estimate, there are 5 million developers in the world using PHP for web development. Facebook, Yahoo and Google are few of the famous names developed using PHP. It is a server-side scripting language that is good for making dynamic and interactive web pages. Beginners can quickly learn PHP with the support of plenty of tutorials available online. They not only clear your basics but also provides practical knowledge for better hands-on web development using PHP. So you can start from here also.

Besides, there are other programming languages which are already popular and expected to have a great significance in the year 2020. So you can choose from the given below languages to learn to make a career as a developer.

6. Java:

From decades, Java has been a popular choice for developing enterprise-scale web application. It is due to Java’s extreme stability which makes it highly preferable among large enterprises. Not only this, Java is adopted for Android app development as well. And, the development of Java-based Android development framework-Android Studio has increased demand for Java developers due to the increased use of android apps globally. So, if you want to be a developer in a large organization, Java is the language you should learn.

7. Go:

Go aka Golang, is a low-level programming language designed by Google. Those who want to make their career in the field of systems programming can learn Go. It is an open-source programming language containing functionalities almost similar to C and C++. One can easily learn Go because it does not use complicated syntax and steep learning curve. If you want to develop web servers, data pipeline and machine learning packages, Go comes up as a perfect option.

These are the 7 programming languages you should learn in 2020 if you want to be a developer. I hope this post helps you choose the best companion to kick start your career as a software developer.

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