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Here’s what you can learn from dentists around the world

Here’s what you can learn from dentists around the world

Teeth and gums play a vital role in our life but unfortunately, most people ignore them until there is a toothache. The idea of visiting a dentist during childhood or the adolescence period is overwhelming for many people. But that shouldn’t be the scenario since dentists are not monsters. They are your friends who have your best interest at heart.

When we suffer from toothache or tooth decay, we want to find a dentist who gives the best dental treatment in our locality. If you live in New Town, then obviously you would want to get the best dental treatment in Kolkata. There is no doubt about it.

It’s when you visit a dentist, you realize that he is not a monster whose motto is to extract your tooth. He is someone who makes you understand the value of good dental health. But is that all?


There are many more essential lessons you learn from a dentist. Here are a few of them:

1. You should avoid eating sugary foods

Sugar is an integral part of our diet. Most of us have dessert after meals. But do you know that sugar is the biggest enemy of your teeth? Eating too many candies, sweets, cakes, muffins, ice creams, etc. is bad for your oral hygiene. It creates a conducive environment where cavities can grow and bacteria can thrive. Both cavities and bacteria destroy the enamel. When you visit a dentist, this is one of the few lessons he will give it to you.

2.  You should brush your teeth every day

Dentists tell us categorically that we should brush our teeth every day, and if possible two times a day. Brushing and flossing help to maintain good oral hygiene. When you maintain good oral hygiene, you’re less likely to have cavities and gum disease. And, when you don’t have a toothache or plaque or cavities, you’ll be less dependent on the dentist.

3. A dental clinic is not a frightening place

Many kids are frightened to visit a dental clinic. It’s not too difficult to understand the reason. Dentists often carry scary tools and gadgets. But as they grow up, they realize that a dental clinic is not a scary place. Those tools and gadgets are used for specific purposes. They are not meant to harm you. Rather, they are used for various types of dental treatments like:

  1. Gum surgery
  2. Dental implants
  3. Dental cleaning
  4. Extractions
  5. Dentures
  6. Crowns and caps
  7. Teeth whitening
  8. Root canal

4. You should not always opt for short-term solutions

Do you have cavities in your teeth? Are you wondering why has it happened since you brush and floss regularly? Well, cavities can develop even when you brush and floss on a daily basis.

Now, you have two options. The easy option is getting a filling to stop a cavity. The long-term solution is to go for a root canal. Obviously, the first option is less painful than a root canal. But it won’t solve your main problem. It won’t eliminate your cavity. This is why it is better to opt for a root canal rather than a normal filling. A dentist can tell you the pros and cons of both the options. It will be easy for you to make an informed decision.

Short-term solutions are often too tempting and attractive. But those are not always good options.

5. Brushing is effective only when you do it the right way.

Brushing and flossing help you to have clean teeth. But that is not always enough. You need to brush and floss the right way. The dentist teaches you the right way to brush and floss your teeth. He is trained to show you the correct way to brush properly and maintain your oral health.

Always remember, healthy teeth and gums help to enhance your facial expressions.

6. It’s not that tough to maintain good oral health.

Following some simple tips is enough to maintain good oral health. A good dentist will give you tips to maintain good oral health. He will give you a diet plan for healthier gums and teeth. Plus, he will warn you about the common mistakes we often make while taking care of our dental health.

And, we are not finished yet

Most children are scared of dentists. If your kids are having any dental issue, then take them to a good dentist in your region. Teach your kids to be honest and open about their issues in front of the dentist. Make them understand that dentists can help to resolve any kind of dental issue and suggest various ways to maintain good oral health. I’m sure your children will gradually learn to appreciate dentists and the lessons they share with them.

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