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Best Practice Management Software Alternatives for Law Firms

Best Practice Management Software Alternatives for Law Firms

Almost all law firms nowadays use law software to stay organized and increase their efficiency. The practice management software comes loaded with all the functions (full menu) but all the firms do not need the entire menu. So these firms do not wish to buy the full-fledged law software and go the ala-carte way by opting for the modular tools. 

Going the ala-carte way, get the basics right. Look into your daily workflow and get all the modules that are helpful in the workflow. Every day you create a document, store and manage document, receive and send emails and do the timekeeping and billing, Make sure you are on the right track and buy all the modules you require on a daily basis. 

Confused? Let us simplify things and look into the issues you should consider while going the ala-carte way. Yes, it requires some research but once you find the perfect tool or software, you save both time and money.

1: Requirements

  • To begin with, you should be clear about your requirements. Ask yourself, which features you need, do you need the full practice management software or you are happy with the modular tools for a specific function? 
  • Make sure you prioritize the functions that best match your core needs. Be sure of what you are looking at and what is of utmost importance.
  • Flexibility – Try out for real whether the all-in-one tool integrates for a smooth workflow with your other tools.
  • The Perfect Fit – Check whether or not the legal software or the tools are perfect for your size of business.
  • Exit Strategy – Know beforehand that in case if you are not satisfied with the tool or a platform, how difficult or easy it would be to move to another platform or tool.

A lot of research, but yes, it is essential to find the right software for your law firm. Finding the right tool saves a lot of money and time. 

The a la carte is best for beginners as you get the chance to figure out what works best for you and you can yourself design your own workflow, which is not the case with the practice management software. The workflow is a sequence of the processes required to complete a task. Every attorney has a different idea about the core workflow. It could be timekeeping and billing for some or email or document management for some. You should figure out which is your best practice. 

If you are choosing for the a la carte, here are some of the core workflow assessments:

Email – The top vendors being GSuite and Office 365. Both are good. If you love outlook then Office 365 is for you while if you are a Gmail fan, GSuite will suit you. Both of them:

  • Operate on secure, Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Allow you to share across the calendar, email and contacts with your associates and the clients
  • Gives a fully encrypted email for secure communications.

2: Legal Document Management

Most law firms prefer because of the cost, the robustness of the app, integration and workflow accessibility, although Net Documents is a great solution as well. Things you should consider when you choose a document management system:

  • The Number of users, from inside and outside your organization.
  • Efficiency of organization the data
  • The look of the data when accessed from your tablet, laptops and mobiles.
  • The total storage size and also the maximum size of a single file.
  • Cloud-based or server based.
  • Integration with other important tools.
  • The ease of migration of the data to another tool

3. Timekeeping and Billing

Considerations while selecting this tool:

  • Assess in terms of timekeeping, time sheets, invoice draft, invoice approval, invoice delivery and invoice tracking – all the steps involved.
  • Say no to twice entry of the data.
  •  User interface
  • Flexibility

If you are still unsure as to which one to buy the practice management software or the a la carte tools give a call. We’re always happy to help.

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