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Top App Features to Launch Online Cab Booking Platform

Top App Features to Launch Online Cab Booking Platform

The online taxi booking application development process can be considered as a standout amongst other mobile application development processes. Taxi booking applications like Ola and Uber has given buyer simplicity to travel anytime and anywhere without stressing over anything. Observing the accomplishment of such online taxi booking application, numerous business and business owners are urged to contribute and make online taxi booking clone applications.

Building applications like Uber has far reaching all around. To be sure, Uber is a huge accomplishment in the U.S market, where an association has changed the entire idea of taxi industry with its client centric service. To construct a fruitful taxi booking application with Cab Booking Script, this has recently verified the second position in the most downloaded travel application. Hence, the most significant element which you can incorporate is an outstation service that enables you to give a service between two unique urban areas.

If you as a taxi startup or business person needs to build up your very own ride-hailing application or Uber-like taxi application, ensure that your application serves some of the novel highlights that can make your application stands-apart from other taxi booking applications.

Top app features to launch online cab booking platform

1. Outstation module

To build up a fruitful cab booking script application like Uber, secured the second position in the most downloaded travel applications, the most significant element that you can incorporate is an outstation module that will enable you to give your service between two distinct cities. Utilizing this component, the travelers can book a taxi starting with one city then onto the next city utilizing their cell phone. With these various choices, you can serve your clients better and deliver them a rich riding knowledge for their outstation needs. By offering the outstation include, you can thoroughly consider from one city and broaden your business with adaptable outstation service.

2.  Day packages

Another unique feature that you can consider for your Uber taxi application is Day Packages. Utilizing this exclusive element, the travelers can hire a car with a personal driver on rental for a specific timeframe and kilometers. Regardless of whether travelers book a car for outstation or some other spot, it will assist them with getting a vehicle with a personal driver for a predefined time according to their benefit. They can have a customized riding background with day packages feature. Further, it is significant that you consider a simple and flexible approach to configure day packages so that your riders don’t confront any issue while choosing any day package for their ride.

3. Prime membership

The third most unique feature that you can consider for your Uber-like application is a Prime membership for riders that even Uber, Grab and Lyft are not offering to their riders. Counting this exclusive feature can make your application generally prevalent among individuals as this element will assist you with attracting more clients with a prime offer. Prime Membership for riders will assist your riders with choosing or get one membership plan as per their needs and appreciate daily free rides up to arranged kilometers. You can make distinctive prime participation plans for your riders and arrange kilometers for your riders to appreciate free rides.

4. Car pooling

In late time, the carpooling alternative has increased gigantic popularity in the market, enabling individuals to impart rides to different riders and save an immense measure of money. Car Pooling is a fundamental element that you can consider incorporating into your very own Uber-like taxi booking application. Utilizing this element, the riders can decide on a carpooling where they can impart a ride to different riders, who are going to a similar goal or place and split the expense with them.

5. Manage the trip parameter

Oversee Trip Parameter is one such feature that assumes a significant job to make your taxi applications like Uber effective. With this element, you can enable your riders to put an exceptional request while requesting for a ride. They can play any special request like a wheelchair for the physically disabled individual, infant situate for guardians, who are riding with their little children, and some other required request.

To manage these special services and requests, you can design it from dispatch arrangement, so the request for such rides will straightforwardly go to just those drivers with this service like an infant seat or wheelchair in the vehicle. In this way, these are a portion of the primary and exclusive features that you can incorporate into your application like Uber and increment the odds of being a successful taxi businessperson.

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