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Latest SEO Trends In The Year 2020- Strategize Well To Rank High

Latest SEO Trends In The Year 2020- Strategize Well To Rank High

Search Engine Optimization refers to optimization of the website in such a way that it leads to increase the quantity and quality of the organic traffic. SEO is the major factor that is needed to be taken in the consideration in order to plan your website well shown in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). SEO- Friendly websites has more chances to rank on the search engine. It refers to manipulating and using keywords in your content that it attracts relevant targeted audience in your website.In order to rank well in the top most used search engine i.e. it becomes very important to understand the changes and trends in the Google algorithm which helps you to understand and structure your website content policy.

Following are the latest SEO Trends that can contribute in planning and structuring of your website well-

Know About The Google BERT Update:-

BERT represents Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. This update came into working from October 2019BERT update is increasingly improved adaptation of Google understanding, in it the Google is attempting to understandthe search inquiry and gives results in like manner. It chips away at NPL (Natural Processing Language) that refers to understanding of the human language. BERT’s more noteworthy effect is on long-tail search inquiries and attempts to improve its understanding and gives better outcomes.Google consistently attempts to give the most relevant outcomes to its clients against a pursuit question.

Mobile-Friendly Websites For High Ranking :-

Today, the greater part of the traffic of searches is made through cell phones. Because of more queries by means of cell phones, Google has changed its policy to done indexing of mobile friendly websites first.

Quick Page Loading Speed For More Traffic-

To get positioned, a site must have quick page-loading speed. It is important for more traffic and high ranking of website. Page-loading speed of 1 second maximum is considered as ideals after that it becomes irritating for a user to wait for a website to load.

Security Of The Website With SSL Certificate-

Provide security to your website by just converting the protocol HTTP into HTTPS. This can be achieved with the SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certificate. Many Cheap SSL Certificates Providers available in the market to get your SSL certificate. It enables the encrypted connection between browser and web server and helps the high ranking of the website because google considers it one of the ranking factors for SERPs.

Social Presence is Necessary-

With the advent of time; People are more involved into social media that give a very good global market and outreach of a website to the targeted audience. For high indexing by Google the social presence of website and business is necessary and it must be given focus.

Flash Content Is Abandoned:-

Google in its most recent update on its official website pronounced that by the beginning of 2020, it will quit supporting the pages having Adobe Flash Content in its webpages. The pages having flash content will be ignored and will not be indexed by Google.

E-A-T Concept:-

•Expertise-You should be a specialist of the field on which you are composing the substance

•Authoritativeness-You can pick up power by the skill appeared in the fundamental substance. You need to show that you are a position or the legitimacy of the maker for the fundamental substance.

 •Trustworthiness-It refers to the surety to your readers about the relevance of the content and they can trust on the information and writers.

Voice Search Optimized Websites:-

 A website can said to be voice search optimized if it is having content that is more likely to be spoken by the user while searching for the topic. Along with searching through cell phones, the voice search has also become popular as it provides ease and comfort while searching. Various voice search aides like Amazon Echo, Voice Pod etc. introduced in the market. A website keeping voice search optimization as one of its key point is likely to rank high.

Keep A Track On Your Website With Google Analytics-

Google has given an astonishing instrument to follow the live presentation of your site and that is Google Analytics. It gives a full track record of your website-

  • Top Pages of Your Website
  • From which geographical area the audience belongs to
  • New Visitors and Unique Visitors on your website
  • Number of repeated visitors
  • Weekly and Monthly Report of Site Progress

Take Content As The King Of Your Website:-

SEO Optimized Content is the significant reason behind getting a position in Google. The most ideal approach to make your site saw is to present a site map to Google.Your content should The significant things that should remembered while composing content are Relevant Keywords presence in the content, headings must be mentioned properly providing a clear structure of the topic, Usage of breadcrumbs, accurate information must be provided to the users, content should be as per the topic and solving the purpose of the user etc.

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