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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel?


Laravel is one of the most prominent PHP web architecture following the MVC (Model-View-Controller) model. The framework, designed by Taylor Otwell is free and open-source. It was first launched in 2011, and the latest version that is currently being used is Laravel 5.4.

As a server-side programming language, PHP is a good option because it allows you to focus on the core fundamentals, helps you to scale whenever you need, and enables quick development with easily manageable codes. 

There’s no perfect framework, Each framework has its benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of the Laravel Framework.

Advantages of Laravel

1) Uses the latest features of PHP

One of the attributes that distinguish this framework from other frameworks is that it incorporates all of PHP’s new features. Using Laravel 5 will let you use some of PHP’s newest features, particularly in namespaces, interfaces, overloading, anonymous functions, and shorter array syntax.

2) Exceptional documentation

All Laravel versions are released with the appropriate documentation, it comes with clear and comprehensive descriptions of coding types, approaches, and classes. Laravel’s documentation is what makes it genuinely developer-friendly. 

3) Helps support prominent cache backends

You can also set up multiple configurations of the cache. Laravel supports cache backends such as Memcached or Redis.


4) The shortened product development cycle

You can significantly reduce the time of product development as the integrations are quicker and there is a huge community where you can ask for assistance. You can also get help from Laracasts.

5) Has an integrated command-line interface called Artisan

The Artisan command-line tool allows developers to build a skeletal code and it effectively controls the database system as they find it tiresome to execute the routine programming tasks because it takes a lot of time. Artisan helps in generating and maintaining the simple MVC files, and their respective settings.

6) Reverse Routing

This is a very useful feature to create links to named routes within the structure. So just use the name of the router when you create the links, and the system will automatically insert the appropriate URL. If you need to change the routes in the future, the changes will be made anywhere automatically.

7) MVC framework

Since it is an MVC framework, there is no need for developers to follow old methods of writing the entire HTML and PHP code in the same file.

8) Queue management

You can remove the unnecessary tasks and place them in a queue to make user response time quicker.

9) Integration with mail services

Web applications must keep their users notified of new deals and offers. It is also essential to register new users (i.e. alert new users as they register). There are drivers for SMTP, Mailgun, SparkPost, Mandrill, PHP’s “mail” function, Amazon SES, and “Sendmail” that enable you to send emails via cloud-based or local services.

10) Availability of packages and resources

You can take advantage of npm packages and bower packages by integrating the framework with Gulp and Elixir. This is useful in resource and asset revisioning. This integration with the composer will sort out dependencies, hence, this is considered the most authentic source of the package in PHP.

Disadvantages of Laravel

1) Less inbuilt support

In terms of comparability to Django and Ruby on Rails, Laravel provides limited inbuilt support, as it is lightweight. By installing third-party tools, this issue can be resolved, although, for extensive and custom websites, it may be a tiresome task.

2) Often fails to provide mobile app richness

In the case of mobile applications, full-page reloads can be a bit heavy as compared to websites. Web developers prefer to use the platform only as a backend to the JSON API in such situations.

3) Some upgrades might be problematic

This is not just a Laravel issue but PHP platforms do have issues with long-term support versions, as updates may become challenging. Developers are advised to take proper measures when updating their smartphone applications or website.

4) Lack of continuation between versions

If you’re trying to upgrade the code the software could get corrupted when since there is no smooth shifting from Laravel v4 to v5.

5) Quality is mixed at times

Several elements are not well-designed in the application. For instance, it involves heavy documentation, you need to have in-depth knowledge before you start building applications and dependency injection can become complicated at times. For inexperienced programmers, it is therefore not a very good choice.


In the PHP ecosystem, Laravel is the strongest contender because it includes the attributes needed to build modern web applications. It is, therefore, an elegant and sleek structure with an exquisite syntax for creating unique applications. The thing that developers have to be aware of are the drawbacks.

Author Bio:

A digital marketing specialist and a full-time blogger at Silicon IT Hub, Prinsa Prajapati is an expert in digital and content marketing. She has more than 5 years of experience as a technology blogger. She can be seen sharing her experience and expertise on information technology, guided by a passion for helping businesses in various industries grow by writing articles for businesses that want to see their services ranked #1 in Google. She loves travel trips and reading masterpieces of literature when she doesn’t work.

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