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Landing Page SEO- A Complete Guide To Success

Landing Page SEO- A Complete Guide To Success

A landing page on your website is a page that gets maximum traffic. You can place ads on this page to monetize your site. This page is designed to get traffic from users and is usually created with a broad category of your respective business. Landing pages are not specific to a particular category of the business. You have to ensure that it has relevant keywords so you do not increase the bounce rate of the users searching for information and services available on your website. 

Why is Landing Page Optimization Important?

A landing page is an integral part of online marketing campaigns. The main objective of a landing page is to generate sales. Companies spend a lot of money to drive traffic to a landing page as they generate leads and bring conversations. It is essential to keep this page optimized as it converts the traffic to ROI. You are likely to get the highest conversion rates through this page. 

Experiment with page elements and test them for various fields and metrics for performance. Check if the keywords you are using are converting impressions to revenue. Also check the number of visitors on the landing page. You also need to check the landing page that target specific ads for conversions. To optimize your landing pages you need to get insights into the resources of the traffic. 

For instance, if you are having and ecommerce site that is having a paid search, you can create a landing page for one of the categories that sells more that is insync with the keywords you bid. You can do it on other social media platforms so you can create more traffic sources and get conversions. 

Landing Page SEO Strategy

When you optimize a landing page you can easily identify the pitfalls and roadblocks to getting conversions. These are the best strategies you can implement to optimize a landing page. Executing these strategies you can easily get conversions on your landing page and estimate a better performance of your bids. 

Add Only A Few Actions On The Landing Page

Check the layout and design for fields and page elements that are not needed. Keep the design and the layout simple and add only a few actions. This creates more white space and increases your chance of conversions. 

Be Clear About Call-To-Action Features

Experiment with headlines and its variations to check the response of the users. Choose a language for call-to-actions that your visitors use and can relate to. Choose a long post with clarity on all the details so your visitors get a clarity about what you are offering them. Your copy must be able to convince your customers that your what you are offering is better than the competitor. 

Get an Insight Into User Interactions and its Demographics

These insights will be useful in understanding the demographics, user behavior, and their choices which help you optimize your landing page for better results. You can test the landing page using keywords based on these insights. 

Add Signs Of Credibility

Add badges, customer testimonials, case studies, reviews, and all forms of positive social proof on this page to create credibility and trust. Online users get an ideal that your business is legitimate and is not based on some scam. These badges will let your customers know that they can trust you for business products and services. 

Provide Freebies On This Page

Not every customer will be interested in a product demo. You can use this page to offer freebies such as discounts, offers, free Ebooks, etc so you get their personal information such as name, email ID, etc. When you ask customers to sign up with an email, most of the online users do it readily. 

Speed up The Page Load Time to Reduce Bounce Rates

Landing Page SEO

The mobile users are the most impatient who love to flip websites and pages within seconds. When you decrease the page load times and make them load faster you will reduce bounce rates making the user stay for longer on your page. 

Design and layout for optimization

  • Keep your landing page simple by reducing navigation, minimizing text, and provide a creative brief that attracts the attention of the users
  • Check the browser resolution before creating a landing page
  • Use mixed media as and when needed
  • Create a buzz using games, humor, etc on the landing pages

Optimize Landing Pages With SEO Techniques

The purpose of landing pages is to beckon search engines and get their attention. Make your landing pages believable to search engines. Use a resource or a blog that beckons the attention of the search engines and make your landing pages look authentic. Use optimization tools to spruce up your landing pages with elements that search engines like. These are the tips to optimize your landing page.

  • A strong and eye-catching headline
  • Attractive design and layout that looks professional and is consistent
  • Create a concise copy to convince the users what services and products you are offering
  • Use a page form that is user-friendly and simple
  • Use a clear call-for-action button on the page.
  • Color a color palette that is insync with your company’s logo
  • Select an image for your landing page to create better visibility
  • Choose fields for the page form that are simple and easy to remember
  • Create a tracker for forms that customer complete to analyze conversions
  • Optimize the settings of the landing pages by including the link of the company at the footer, etc to increase traffic.
  • Optimize the HTML and design a good structure for your website

Pointers to take note of before and after creating a landing page

  • Always check domain availability for the landing page before you start a marketing campaign. This is a critical step to be taken before you start as it can have an impact on the ad events you create. 
  • Insights and analysis of the past content and campaigns to avoid those mistakes that you have committed. 
  • Do not repeat the same steps that have given you a successful campaigns in the past. Always choose from the best practices for every campaign.
  • Check and analyse the strategies that your competitors are using so you can implement better ideas and come up with a better strategy. 
  • Check your business goals that you are going to set for a specific landing page that you create. 
  • Know what inspires and motivates your targeted audience and use them for creating the landing page. Solve a problem that your potential visitors are facing through this landing page. It is easy to get conversions this way. 
  • Choose a desired call-for-action on your landing page so you stay focused on what you want through the entire campaign. 
  • Maintain consistency throughout the entry points of the landing page to generate credibility and authenticity.
  • Understand what type of devices your audience uses and design a landing page that fits the dimensions of those devices.

Note this checklist before you go Live with the campaign

  • Create a checklist for every landing page you create which must be insync with the objective of your business
  • A good way to test it real time is to make someone you know view the landing page for 5 seconds and ask them if they understood the objective of the page. If they do not get the message you can redo the page till the user understands the objective of this landing page within 5 seconds. 
  • You can also print the landing page and paste it on the wall for people to view and give real time feedback. You can gather these valuable insights and implement them before making the page go Live. 

Tips to spruce up forms on landing pages

  • Remove fields that are not needed as this makes the visitor happy
  • Create more white space
  • Use directional aspects to draw the attention of the users to complete a task on the landing page.
  • Use big buttons that have a nice color and sheen on it.
  • Reward the users in someway for filling the form to get more conversions

Mistakes to avoid when optimizing the landing page

  • Paraphrase your copy and be concise
  • Be  honest with your customer about what you have to offer
  • A form need not always be included inside a landing page
  • Avoid using pop-ups like a golden rule
  • Use a mute button and choose a lower volume for music if you have to use it for your landing page.
  • Be relevant in your communication about what you intent to sell them
  • Use authentic photos and not the ones that are searchable on Google. Spend time getting real-time pictures for your landing pages
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the users and think like them anticipating what they would be looking for in your page.

Metrics for the landing page

  • There are many free analytical tools you can use by adding their code to your landing pages. It is easy to track performance and results this way.
  • Check metrics for conversion rates, bounce rate, rate of form completion, etc. 
  • You can get a detailed report about the performance of the landing page in different timelines. When you see conversions happening on a certain day and time compared to other days you can focus on those best days and choose an alternative communication strategy for low performance days. These insights provide information about the user behavior.
  • Be transparent and make reports available to all those who are involved with the campaign. 
  • Analyze the industry average to know where you stand amongst them.
  • Analyze customer feedback to keep the pages optimized
  • Choose eye tracking reports if you have sufficient budget for the campaign.
  • Heat maps are also useful in letting you know on which part of the page users are clicking the most.
  • Understand the landing page behavior based on heat maps that are created based on design patterns and graphical content.

When is the landing page relevant to use

  • You don’t have to use landing pages for every campaign
  • Landing pages are effective when driving traffic to your homepage do not give conversions or ROI
  • Create landing pages when you have multiple traffic resources
  • If you have special promotions and offers, it is worthwhile to create landing pages. 
  • When you want to deploy a message without having to create a fully-fledged website creating these pages spread the intended message
  • Easy to test ideas on brand building and marketing by disconnecting the landing page and redesign it based on newer guidelines. 

Test every step and validate your goals

  • Create alternative designs and test them for performance and conversions
  • Test the graphical content, text, and the images you use in a landing page
  • Create multiple variations of the message you want to send across and test them on various platforms
  • Choose a button color that gives emotional response. Do not always go by the standard red color as it might not work for every brand.
  • Test and refine your ideas consistently to get your landing pages perform better

Build trust

  • Display the phone number of your company as it generates authenticity
  • Share little of your products for free to pique interest in the users
  • Be consistent with colors, text, and other design elements of Banner ads and layouts
  • Avoid using sales gimmicks such as Buy Now, etc. Keep your messages authentic
  • Use only facts that are verified
  • Display affiliations and endorsements from well-known people or businesses to create credibility and trust 
  • Post the terms and conditions in simple language the user can understand and read
  • Testimonials are a great way to build trust in landing pages and have a better impact in boosting your credibility
  • Do not exaggerate any feature to attract customers
  • Provide Privacy Statements to build trust so the users feel free to sign up with their email IDs.


A landing page is the backbone of ad campaigns. You can keep these tips and techniques to create a landing page that brings conversions and reduces bounce rates. They are the first steps to lead the customers into your website. Using these tips you can easily maximize returns and keep the users interested in your brand. 

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