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Kik App 101 – Everything You Need to Know About this Messaging App

Kik App 101 – Everything You Need to Know About this Messaging App

Sounds like an advertisement for a chocolatey kids cereal – Kik for kids!  But is this app suitable for kids? I mean how and why?

What is Kik App?

Well, just like a messaging app that we use like Whatsapp, this is also a free messaging app that is available for all devices. This app is very famous among teens and young adults, but it does not have the best reputation.

What is The App Used For?

Initially, the app was intended for Instant messaging. All you have to do is just sign up with your email id and password, without the need for your mobile number. If you want to try this app, then you must download it from your respective app store, it is currently free for iOS and Android users. The app allows you to connect with your family and friends by looking out for their name using a QR code or your contact list.

The app sends and gets messages by using the mobile data or it can also be accessed with the help of a WiFi connection. This sounds the same to SMS services like the Whatsapp, Hike, WeChat, etc. but the app is said to have other features. Users are allowed to send a large number of multimedia content through the app – that is pictures, GIFs, files, etc. you are also allowed to use the live video chat options like the Skype.

One benefit or concern for many is that the app allows you to chat with strangers which is a bit weird! You can access public chat just by searching for a specific interest. You will get a message from the Kik team regarding the “Exploring of public groups”. These works with the help of Hastags and you look out for strangers with similar interests or if you wish to talk to someone new, this feature comes handy.

Kik is also considered as the next step to dating and also called as an alternative to Tinder. Whereas Tinder asks you to analyze a stranger on the images and on the bio, this app offers you the chance to meet like-minded people.

How to Download the Kik App?

Signing up with Kik is quick and simple and does not require much detail. After downloading it from the app store, the app will ask you to either login or sign up. If you have an account already, then log in. All you have to register is your name, DOB and the desired username. Also, not to forget the password!

That is what you need to download and to start using the app. After this step, you will be asked to create a profile by clicking the cog on the left top. You must add a background image and also a basic bio of what you like and so and so. This might remind you of Facebook and yes, of course, this app is a great competitor for Facebook and Whatsapp.

How To Delete Kik App?

You cannot delete the app for some reason through its mobile app. You will have to visit their official portal.

•    Go to their webpage.

•    You will see “Kik offers” option

•    Now click that and choose

•    “DEACTIVATE THE ACCOUNT” – you might be prompted to delete the account temporarily or permanently.

Deactivating your account temporarily means that you will never get any more messages and other users will never be able to search for your name. anyone who spoke to you or visited your page will no longer have your name in their contact list.

If you wish to deactivate your account temporarily, then you will have to sign back again to enable it. All you have to do is just visit their deactivation page and enter the email id that you have already used. You will get a list to your mail and you can use to activate it.

If you want to deactivate your Kik account permanently, then you will have access to the app anymore, nor you can never retrieve it back. This is like deleting your account completely. When you are sure that you want to delete your account permanently, then use the deactivation page and fill out the required details like the email id and username and the reason why you want to delete your account. Doing this will permanently delete your account.

Kik FAQs

Why Is Kik So Famous?

There are more than three hundred million users and the majority of the user base are Young adults and teenagers in Europe and the U.S.

Is The App Safe For Teens?

This is what every parent will ask. How do you even think that your kids are safe if they can chat with strangers? The app’s reputation is specifically bad as it can be used by online exploits.

Is the app more vulnerable than Twitter, Reddit, and other social networking platforms?

All social media platforms allow users to block contacts; to do this all you have to do just click the chat option and “Block”.  If your teens are using the Kik app, they must educate them with the option that is available. Otherwise, public groups can share adult content. There have been numerous reports being sent nudity content by strangers.

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