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Kick-start your Digital Journey with Smart Cloud-based ERP Software

Kick-start your Digital Journey with Smart Cloud-based ERP Software

As we head towards the digital era, technologies are changing the outlook of how we work or live. From your very basic daily tasks to high-value driven strategic operations – everything will get automatized and technology-oriented in no time now. Very soon, everything that has the potential to be digitized will get digitized; everything that has the potential to get connected to the main system will get integrated. And, this will affect all the industries (irrespective of the nature of the field like mechanical, plant-based, etc.), working cultures, and mindsets of the stakeholder to be in a league for digitalization.

To keep pace with the ever-changing world with new updates now and then – both your business and you as a leader has to be smart enough as per the industry standards. To start your journey of digital transformation, begin with integrating your business processes. Why so?

Let’s try and understand the importance of the same via a situation.

Business Integration is the Solution to Coordination Hassles!

Imagine you are the owner of a renowned retail chain across the state. You have the best of staff constantly working hard and contributing towards your business growth and development. You hire thousands of people to keep a check on stock and inventory management, other thousands for coordinating with them and for ordering the stuff in case of out of stock situations, again the other ones for bill, finance and customer care management. Can you think of hiring highly skilled people dedicated to designing new schemes and deals to attract a new audience or to accomplish a great bond with the existing customers in the same budget? If you cannot! There’s a problem!

If you’re into a business requiring direct contact with the customers, you have to have new strategies for more customer engagement so that you can show them something new constantly. They should feel new every time they walk-in your store (and end-up shopping extra). Not it will just add brownie points to your brand in the market, but it will also build trust in the customer’s mind, ultimately leading to mouth-to-mouth marketing.

All this requires a team of skillful people, capable of investing their time and creativity for your brand awareness (an indispensable part of digital marketing). But, how to add the brand management team to your organization within a limited budget?

Here’s the answer! If you have one consolidated system for all your business functionalities, you can utilize your resources for the strategically-driven tasks rather than engaging them in the activities that can be done in no time by a machine.

Smart ERP that has Got You Covered

SAP Business One is the one-stop solution for large, small, and medium-sized enterprises that can integrate all the business processes. Thereby, you get greater insights into your business to focus on mission-critical tasks like digital marketing and brand awareness. Not just this, its add-on services unique to your requirements, multilingual functionality, real-time data analysis, and inbuilt business intelligence makes this software all the more important and a must-to-have in your emerging organization.

Enterprise-ready ERP software can be deployed both on-premise and cloud too – although to make your organization even smarter and up-to-date with the latest functionalities, you should opt for the cloud-based ERP. Why? Let’s find out!

Low Capital Investment

SAP Business One Cloud solutions are easier to use, faster to install and require low capital investment as compared to on-premise deployment. With the right SAP B1 cloud consultants – you can achieve complete peace of mind in terms of support, upgradations, and longevity of your stored information.

Easy to Navigate Data

On being asked about switching to cloud ERP from the legacy software – most of the leaders feared to lose valuable information. To help you overcome this fear, a right cloud ERP partner can resolve all your ambiguities related to safety and trust issues. Cloud ERP empowers you with the security of real-time data anywhere-anywhere on your figure tips.

You can even choose to migrate your data to cloud ERP in bits and portion to manage the automation process, workflow and deadlines simultaneously, e.g.  High-value driven finance operations can be migrated on priority while customer history, stock, and inventory data can be migrated later.

Easy Updates

Where it is extremely significant to have automation software for your organization – it is equally important to maintain the software for a seamless workflow. Unlike on-premise ERP, you need not to wait for days/months for system updates. Your experienced SAP B1 cloud partner can help you with the frequent updates in the best time possible.

 Strategic Analysis

A strategic roadmap can make things way easier while moving to cloud ERP software. This way not only you could leverage the benefits of having smart ERP in your organization but can also educate your employees about its usage, to accomplish the smooth functioning of the system.

So, there you go – with all the benefits of cloud-based ERP over legacy software. Now that you know all, do you still fear to move to SAP Business One cloud? I’m sure – you aren’t!

With industries following the concept of 5.0, you should not be left behind. While people have an image of machines and software taking over the employment opportunities, Industry 5.0 has a practical approach. Here, machines/robots/software help humans work with better efficiency. They make the daily manual tasks easier making room for you to think and plan things wisely. The faster you make your business digital as per the industry standards, the faster you’re able to increase your reach and brand awareness globally.

Business automation is that one stepping stone you need to achieve all that you desire for a prosperous and successful business. It all comes with the integration – integrated business functionality can give you a crystal clear real-time analysis of the data to help you make actionable and insightful decisions. Be it any industry – pharma, retail, B&F, jewelry, trading, etc. SAP B1 cloud has unique solutions specific to your industry requirements on the go!

So, why wait – get cloud based ERP today and enter the whole new world of smart digital transformation.

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