Taxi Booking App Clone Script

Taxi booking app has become a common word these days. Like Uber, there are a lot of companies that have joined the league and are gradually getting popular. The huge success of taxi booking apps has inspired a lot of people to start an online taxi venture like ola or uber. Thus, a lot of entrepreneurs are exploring the best taxi booking app clone script developer services to get an Uber clone app. Some of the aspirants also look for trying their hands in taxi app development to build a popular taxi-booking app clone script like ola.

So, what is the major role of taxi booking app clone script like ola in taxi business? This kind of taxi booking apps helps offline companies to get online and target their potential customers. Those days are gone when people search for offline taxi companies for booking a taxi to the desired location.  In this technological era, when most of the businesses are going online, the taxi hiring business is also taking the benefits of getting online. Taxi Hiring Booking apps not only help taxi business owners but also making the task of people easier to book cabs to their desired locations by just a few taps on their smartphones.

Here are some of the features which allow you to determine the cost of developing a Taxi Booking App like Ola. 

Features play a big role in estimating the price of taxi booking app development. Basically, it has three segments: driver app, passenger app and admin panel. Each segment has different features:

(A) Feature of the Passenger App:

  • Simple and Easy Sign-up Procedure: 

It allows the passengers to register easily via their social media account or phone number. Once they have signed up, they can book the cab anytime with just one tap.

  • Seamless Payment

In conventional cab rides, passengers had to argue with the drivers about the fare. But in today’s time, no bargaining is done. You get an estimate of the fare while booking the cab.

  • Location Tracking Available

You can track the status of your ride in real-time via the integrated GPS system. 

  • Live Cab Tracking Tool

It allows the passengers to track the taxi in the real tie and find out the exact location of their ride. It enhances client retention.

  • Customer’s Review

Customer feedback helps your business to grow in an amazing way. Customers can rate the performance of the driver. It allows the business owners to keep a check on the efficacy of the drivers.

(B) Features of the Driver App:

  • Live Map Integration

Drive can easily search the location of the passengers with the integrated GPS system. 

  • New Ride Request Notifications

Drivers can get information and notification about their pickups and accept and decline according to their availability.

  • Auto Ride Shifting Service

If the driver doesn’t accept the request in 30 seconds, then the request gets passed to another nearby driver.

  • Work Performance Graph

According to the feedbacks, ratings and overall performance by the customers, the drivers have their work performance graph. It helps them in improving their services.

(C) Importance of an Admin Panel

An admin panel serves as the backbone of an online taxi booking software. It helps to:

  • Store, control and handle the transactions smoothly.
  • Shows the reviews and ratings of the customers to allow the entrepreneur to know the status of business success.
  • Maintains data about the income
  • Allows the business to run smoothly via a well-processed system.

So, these are the major points of taxi booking app development which needs to be focused upon when developing a taxi app like ola. Once you have the blueprint of the kind of app you desire, you can easily make a clone script. The clone script makes the designing and development of the app a simple procedure. It doesn’t allow a new entrepreneur to have any loose ends in his new taxi booking app. It is important to get your online taxi booking software developed by the hands of a professional developer. 

The features of Ola and Uber help you determine what it takes to create a taxi booking clone script. Every feature of an Uber cab booking application should be designed with robust efforts to create a unique business presence online. So, keep all the factors and features of Ola and Uber in mind and design a quality taxi booking app clone scripts like Ola for both Android and iOS.

Once you get in touch with a professional development company, they will share details of some additional features which you can include in your taxi app to render better services to your clients and enjoy long term business relationships. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the taxi booking app clone script like uber or ola, get in touch with a reputed taxi booking app development company.


By Anurag Rathod

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