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How Much Do You Get For Jewelry At A Pawn Shop?

How Much Do You Get For Jewelry At A Pawn Shop?

The Pawnshops serves people to get easy loans whenever they are in need by simply pawning some of the precious items like jewelry, electrical appliances, tools, and related stuff. Although, this is the easiest way of getting loans to fulfill the needs when you do not have enough money.

The real deal here is how much do you get for jewelry at a pawnshop. The answer to this question is quite difficult as it depends on various factors. Most importantly, it depends on a pawnbroker; he has to look upon several things in order to give you enough money. Else than that, if there are more than two or three pawnshops in an area then the competition among the pawnbroker increases and you need to be more careful.

For example, in a specific area, there are several pawnshops in AZ and they all work in the best way to make the shop famous among the majority of the people. Therefore, they fluctuate the prices of the items. In that situation, one must carefully select a shop.

Another factor that also involves in this respect the nature and quality of metal. Now in most cases, a pawnbroker first checks the nature of the metal with which a jewelry item has made. The next thing he checks upon is the quality of the jewelry that how many times it has been used and what is the present condition.

A pawnshop pays for jewelry depending on the weight of the specific jewelry item. After identifying the nature of the metal, the next step is to weigh it in order to make a decision. Moreover, it also depends on the nature of the jewelry that is if the jewelry is of silver, gold or platinum.

In addition, another important factor, which a pawnshop consider is the purity of the metal with which that jewelry item has made. Purity means in how much amount the specific metal (silver, gold, platinum) is present in that item. Understanding this and making a proper vision clear a pawnshop can pay a person.

As the quality matters a lot, therefore, your item should be in good condition so that it can provide you the best outcome and you can easily pay your expenses. In fact, getting money through a pawnshop is the easiest and yet an affordable way to get loans. Keeping in mind these factors while taking your jewelry item to a pawnshop is important.

Prominent Factors

Purity matters

A very important thing that matters while pawning a jewelry item is the purity of the metal used. The purer your jewelry item is more money you can get in replacement of that item. Purity also referred to as the karat when specifically talking about few metals like gold and silver.

Depending on the karats, you can get money more karats mean more money. Therefore, it is also important to pick the items that are genuine and 100 percent pure so that they can give a better outcome.

Size of the jewelry item

The other important thing that matters and on which the amount of money depends is the size or the weight of the jewelry item. The greater size and greater weight mean more money rather than small size or less weight. Therefore, taking those items to a pawnshop, which you think are actually heavy or large, will be more helpful.

Therefore, keeping in mind this will make this process smooth without wasting time and you can get a handsome amount of money.


Another important thing on which the amount depends is the condition of the jewelry item. If your item is in good condition then there are chances that you can get more money. Otherwise, it is useless to take a bad quality item to a pawnshop. As it will not benefit you in that way as you wish to have.

It is very important to take good quality items to a pawnshop so that you can get a good amount of money in order to fulfill your expenses in the easiest way without facing any hurdle.


Keeping all these factors aside in the majority of the case, the amount of money you get simply depends on the nature of a pawnbroker. It simply depends on him how much he wants to pay for a specific item. This might be a major con of the pawning industry but this is the reality.

As a person who is taking his items to a pawnshop has no clear idea about the price of the specific item as well as it is difficult for him to know the ideal cost of the specific item. Therefore, the pawnbrokers take advantage of this in most of the cases.

To avoid such conditions it is the best option to visit several pawnshops so that one can easily get an idea about the actual price of the specific item. Hence, make this process smooth.

What if a person does not return the loan

A very frequent question that arises and the majority of the people ask is what will happen if a person does not return the loan to a pawnshop on time. In that case, a pawnshop or a pawnbroker has a complete right to sell that item in order to get the money back.

Then if you want to get back your item, you have to pay them according to their demand. This actually benefits a pawnbroker, as he gets a chance to sell a specific item according to his wish. As a result, that person will simply have to face trouble in order to get back that item.


This article described the detailed answer about the frequently asked question that how much money you can get by pawing the jewelry items. The answer is very clear; it only depends on the quality of the item as well as nature with which that item created. Moreover, the weight and purity of the metal used also depends on getting a good amount of money.

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