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All You need to know about the ITL Driver Updater

All You need to know about the ITL Driver Updater

Are you often tired of facing frequent PC crashes due to corrupted and outdated drivers and are wishing to find a one-stop solution with a single click? It is time to cheer up because your wish has been granted, and the entire credit goes to the ITL Driver Updater software tool. Earlier, even if you have been able to lay your hands on driver updaters that have claimed to be among the best free driver updater for Windows, I am sure most of you might have been dissatisfied due to poor performance of those driver updaters. Therefore, it’s time to try your hands on something new which can take care of all your PC’s needs when it comes to the driver management of your Windows PC quickly and efficiently.


The ITL Driver Updater comes with an in-built feature to update the drivers of your PC with just one click along with keeping your system secure. It has some excellent and attractive features with a plus point of being inexpensive. In this article, firstly, we will discuss the system requirements and the pricing, followed by looking at the beneficiary features of the ITL Driver Updater. This is a lightweight app that only has a file size of 6 MB. Hence your system will not slow down because of this app. It also has an easy setup and is extremely flexible to use.

Minimal System Requirements: 

  • OS needed – Windows 7 and above
  • RAM – 512 MB
  • CPU – 1GHz processor
  • Free space available on the hard disk – 800 MB.

Recommended System Requirements: 

  • OS needed – Windows10
  • RAM – 2 GB
  • CPU – 1GHz processor
  • Free space available on the hard disk – 1 GB.

Software Requirements: 

  • .NET Framework 3.5 or Above

Price: This is an inexpensive Windows driver updater tool. This has a free to use license type. There is no limitation imposed upon the extent of use. This driver updater tool is currently priced at INR 875.00 only.


Key Features: This driver updater tool is among one of the best driver updater software available currently. Let us take a quick peek at some of the prime features of this driver updater:


Backup and Restore Feature:

ITL Driver Updater is not just limited to updating the faulty drivers of your PC but it is no doubt a tremendous multi-purpose tool. This is because it can also perform the “Backup and Restore” function to save and recover all your data files instantly when your system crashes suddenly.

Scheduled Driver Scan Feature:

This is the prime feature of the driver updater tool. The tool was developed in the first place to deal with the problem of PC crashes due to outdated drivers. By adding a scheduled scan feature, the software tool can automatically run the selected scheduled scans on your PC at regular intervals to detect obsolete and corrupted drivers on your system. You can relax as the rest will be taken care of by this driver updater tool itself, the credit for which goes to the other following features.

Driver Exclusion List Feature:

This magnificent driver updater tool gives you the option to eliminate all the outdated drivers at the time of scanning only. The best part here is that only those drivers would appear on the list for elimination, which is completely outdated as it will never show the drivers for which update versions are available online.

10X faster Driver Downloads:

This Windows driver updater is pretty advanced when it comes to downloading the drivers with 10X pace. Not only this, but it can also help you increase your system’s performance by enhancing the speed of your system.

200% Larger database:

ITL Driver Updater has made an utterly unbelievable effort to enhance the database by 200%. Yes, you read that correctly!  With such a massive database, it can help in managing your system’s architectural specialization and processing more giant chunks of data with absolute ease.

One-Click Update:

A great feature to boast about, the one-click update feature can detect all the outdated, corrupt, or missing drivers and update as well as replace them with just one click.

24/7 Support:

To top everything is the quality service offered by the developers round the clock and throughout the week by giving the users the facility to reach out to them through mail. In case of any issues, you can seek their assistance quickly.

Download & Update Hardware Drivers On Windows

Thus, if you want to download the latest computer device driver, then ITL Driver Updater is definitely among the most recommended tool as this driver updater has outshone others in the market due to its low price and excellent features which you can conveniently access with one-click. It also comes with some additional benefits that can add a feather to its cap of being among the best driver updater software.

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