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iPhone Users breathe relief with the new features of the Google photos

iPhone Users breathe relief with the new features of the Google photos

Google Photos is by far the best photo storage and sharing app for both Android as well as iPhone users. However, certain pictures taken using the iPhone had features that the Google photos would not support. Google is known to excel in various dimensions when it comes to making advancements and improving itself.  By adding the depth control feature, Google has truly added another feather to its cap. Depth editing is a unique and beautiful feature that helps in enhancing the overall look achieved using the portrait mode.

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Basically, the new feature allows you to tweak the bokeh of the picture. The Bokeh of the picture means the blurring in the background. With the portrait mode, basically, the focus of the picture is clear while everything else in the background is slightly blurred.

Now blurring too is an artistic feat. If not done in the right way, it could ruin a picture. The updated Google Photos essentially allows you to fiddle with the intensity of this blurring feature. The new feature of the Google Photos is also available for the Android users.

While the portrait mode allows users to click a picture with the bokeh on, the update of Google photos allows you to add bokeh to an app after a picture has already been clicked. The iOS version of the app is such that Google does its processing itself. That is why people can use the slider provided in order to add bokeh to the app

Multiple google photos apps

There are thousands of photo apps in the market with a host of different features. Each app has something unique and something different to add to the beauty of the existing apps. However, the single, most amazing example of why Google Photos is the most favored app is because it allows people to store pictures as well.

Google photos are perhaps the best solution for iPhone users because most of the time they complain of having very less phone storage. Usually, all iPhone users rely on Google photos to host all their pictures. So, if someone already has an app, why would he or she download another one to edit photos?

Other Options

It’s not the only feature that Google photos have added. With the new color pop option, now iPhone users can edit their pictures in a more unique way by adding color to one item in the image and let the rest be black and white.

The color pop feature not just helps you in putting the rest of the things black and white. It also enhances the color itself. The pop is much more and the effect is absolutely fantastic. This feature helps in clearly demarcating the background from the foreground or the subject from the rest.

Another very interesting feature in order to help the iOS user was the Google Lens feature. This feature acts as an image recognition feature. You can identify different types of products and get links to purchase them and more. Apparently, there are even more features there in the pipeline but may take a couple of weeks to get rolled in for the iOS users.

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