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IOS App Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know Before

IOS App Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know Before

It doesn’t matter, how long you have used a product, it’s not rare to find surprising, uncertain and very handy properties which may have been buried under the radar, for years even. So, we have found very amazing functions which you can perform with the iOS apps. 

After reading this article, you will be able to know the amazing iOS apps, which you must have been missing for a long time. The following discussed tricks and tips are extremely fun and convenient and hopefully help save you a little time.

The Calculator Trick:

First on our list is the calculator trick, which definitely going to save you a lot of time. It is very common for all of us to make simple mistakes while using a calculator, especially when on the phone. 

Do you know that, when you mistype a number, you don’t actually need to press C? You can just delete the last number which you have entered, instead of resetting the whole sum.

In order to do this, just swipe left or right on the calculator display panel to remove the last number.

Snap a photo while shooting a Video:

shooting a Video

Second, on our list is snapping a photo. iOS allows you to snap a picture and record a video at the same time. This feature of iPhone tricks is easy to miss out on.

If you want to do this trick, it’s actually very evident once you have been told about it. While shooting a video you will see a button, beside the record button. Simply press it to capture a quick picture without interfering with your video recording. It is very helpful indeed.

Knowing who is calling:

You might already have known this one, but this example is very handy. 

You can figure out who is calling, even when your phone is buried in your messy bag. What you have to do is go to contacts, select any friend or family member of your choice and tap edit. Then select ringtone and press on the word default. Then from there, you can set their own ringtone or can also put your phone to vibrate. 

This useful setting allows you to easily personalize how your phone responds to a specific contact. You just need to keep in mind which one you have assigned or otherwise, you may not realize it’s your phone ringing. 

Keep your photos private:

photos private

It’s safe to say that your photos are private as long as you control who has access to your phone. But there are certain times when you want to show your snaps but don’t want your friends or certain family members to see some images. This is when this trick helps and saves you from embarrassment.

In order to do this, go to your Photos app. Select all the photos you want to hide, then press the small square with an arrow upward (sharing option) and then select the hide option. Then you will be able to place these pictures in your hidden folder within the albums.

Sleeping with the tunes:

This is an amazing example of the iOS app tips and tricks. You can start up with your favourite playlist that automatically turns itself off after a specific time period. 

This feature is most suitable for those who like to fall asleep with music. For activating this, go to the Clock app and hit Timer. Now press the “When the timer ends” option and select “stop playing”. 

You can then set the timer for the intended period of time and then start to play your favorite tunes.

Set custom replies for missed calls:

If you are busy, like driving, in a meeting or are too occupied to handle the calls, then why not set some already written text messages for missed calls? This is one of the most helpful tips and probably the one you might not even know exists.

It’s actually very easy to set it up. Simply, you have to go to the “Settings”, then followed by “Phone” and hit “Respond with text”. Then you can create your own edited response. This trick allows you to edit your own responses instead of depending on the standard defaults.

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