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Promising iOS App Development Trends to Follow in 2020

Promising iOS App Development Trends to Follow in 2020

“Are you looking forward to hiring Indian app developers? Before hiring any app developers you must have a clear vision about the idea of the app and then decide the platform on which you want to deploy your app? Out of all the mobile app technology, we came up with advanced technology. Let’s find out the trends of 2020.”

Mobile App Development

Mobile phones are the basic need of the 21st century. You cannot deny the fact that a day without a mobile phone is unimaginable. This little pocket device manages to sort most of the tasks. Whether it’s booking any air ticket or paying any sort of bill. Mobile phones play a vital role in our lives. The application in the mobile is the source due to which mobiles are given so much importance.

Every person has the application installed on their phone according to the use. There are different applications such as songs application, payment application, a game application, social media application, and whatnot. Now, these applications are further divided into many categories. Each category has a wide range of options available to us. For eg. Shopping app. We have options like Flipkart, Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, etc.

Is the market of the mobile application huge?

The mobile application is a new trend and wholly a different sector in which thousands of users and developers contribute their role. Developers are developing advanced version applications each day and users across the globe are widely accepting it. The competition is getting tough between several mobile app development companies and eventually, the user is benefited with it. Now the users have more options for the app with upgrades of advanced features every day.

Types of mobile app development platforms

Majorly, Android and iOS devices are used across the world. These two platforms conquer the highest audience of the globe. Other platforms such as Windows, Blackberry have minute audience reach. The android and iOS are the two pillars of mobile app technology. People always prefer to build mobile apps in android and ios so that they can reach more audiences to make their app famous. An increase in the installation of the application directly equals the high success rate of that particular application. 

 IOS mobile app development technology

iOS is the platform whose applications are used by iPhone users. According to a survey held in the last quarter of 2019, there were around 1.84 million mobile applications available in the Apple App Store. This represents a 2.2 percent increase in current apps available in the store.

Ios technology is growing at speed from the past few years. Integration of many new plugins, advancement, technology has to lead it to the next level. 2020 has come up with a lot of advancement for iOS technology. Let’s find out.

1. AI and Machine Learning:

Almost every industry is integrating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into their respective iOS applications. Though AI has already come into existence in the last few years, its use is expected in 2020. The optimized search process allowed by AI which displays search suggestions with the correct spelling. Many times, when you search for any song or artist, it suggests a relevant or similar type of song/same artist’ song suggestion to you. This is AI which has turned many of the applications into the smart application and of course a user-friendly one. 

When talking about iOS, you cannot miss Siri. In 2020, Siri is expecting to answer even smarter and analyze your scenario and suggest accurate information. AI is also used for the deep learning process of the user such as its behavior and it predicts the demand of the user. If the precise prediction is followed by businesses, it will be quite easy to analyze the risks and management of various businesses. 

How can we forget the speech recognition? It is also an advanced and smarter AI-based tool.

2.Augmented Reality:

AR/VR is the next level of technology that drives the iOS application standard to the next level. In the past years, we have witnessed a famous app with AR?VR integration such as PokemonGo, etc. The vision of AR/VR has influenced real estate. Many real estate companies are focusing on the virtual tour of the properties via the application. AR/VR has not only restricted to the iPhone game application but has spread to the real estate. 

The renowned Asian Paints introduced the app in which one can select the color and imagine the choice of color pattern to their walls via the application. It is the best way to visualize the user and give them options to choose the best color for their home decor. Many iPhone applications have used AR/VR technology which includes industries such as healthcare, education, real estate, etc.


How about operating a household device with an application? iOS apps have got it all with the help of IoT technology. One of the best uses of IoT can be seen in the health care sector. Doctors can easily trace the condition of patients from anywhere. Moreover, there are many devices such as air conditioners, washing machines, smart TVs and other basic devices which can be operated with the application. 

4.Wearable devices:

such as fitness trackers and other wearable bands are the next level and widely use IoT technology. The data recorded by the device is seen on the particular iPhone application.


Beacon in simple words is the wireless transmitter technology that sends the signals sig Bluetooth technology. It is accessed by many iPhone users and hence has more chances to come up with a new feature in 2020. 

When a user passes by the near store, sensors connected to the smartphone sends the notification about the offers and other sales in that particular store. Even if you don’t pay attention to the banner. You are still notified of the offer.

iOS app development powered by Beacon has revolutionized the sales and marketing sector as it generates more chances to boost productivity.

6.Cloud integration:

Every app demands upgrade and updates with the time. Similarly, iOS app updates may have large data to manage. For large data storage, cloud integration is the best solution. It is beneficial for developers and users. Developers can keep the data on the cloud and work further without worrying about data loss. Users can save the bulk of data and access it from anywhere.  Cloud integration has more advancement which can make cloud management easier and quicker.

7.High security:

With the latest trend, iOS has gained popularity among lots of users. One best thing that iOS has always kept is security. The high-ending security system of all iPhones and iOS applications attracted many users.

iOS app development grows in 2020

iOS always works on the user’s comfortability. Chatbots have proved a quick response to the user’s query. Updated versions are kept on priority and therefore, better cloud integration helps them secure the data. Overall advancement in iOS is speeded up in past years. The same frequency is expected in 2020. The security of the password has changed to FaceID for better data protection.

Final Words:

In 2020, Increase in features can be seen and due to this more advancement will be introduced in the emerging technologies. The AI and other advanced technologies need to be focused to pace with the technology and make the user experience even better.

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