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5 Awesome Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your E-commerce Website

5 Awesome Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your E-commerce Website

With time, the trends also change.

Similarly, integrating social media with your e-commerce business has recently become a trend in digital marketing. The reasons behind it are the increasing number of social media users and their digital transformation.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook are some of the most celebrated social media networks, and thus, are used as the most advantageous attributes for digital media marketing.

However, Twitter is believed to have the most credible and responsive audience out of them. Thus, to integrate Twitter with your e-commerce website, you should have some knowledge regarding the ways to do so.

Let’s jump into the 5 easy ways to Embed twitter feed on website, and then take an initiative to turn the e-commerce business into a big one.

5 Amazing Ways To Embed Twitter Feed on Website

Twitter aggregating tools

Twitter aggregating tools are capable of fetching the real-time content from Twitter and then embed that aggregated twitter feed on the website through the ‘embedding’ feature.

These tools allow you to customize your twitter feed with the ‘personalize’ option, where you can design the layout of your twitter feed by choosing themes, font style-size-color and many more options like custom CSS to further decorate it.

You can aggregate your desired content only and can control the inappropriate one to get embedded with the help of the ‘moderation’ feature.

Moderation can be done either manually or automatically by setting rules to control the content.

Malicious or profane content can be stopped through the ‘profanity filter’ in it.

Also, once you embed twitter feed on your website, it provides you the performance analysis including the sentiment analysis, so that one can judge over the performance.

The benefit of opting Twitter aggregator tools like ‘Taggbox’ is that it allows you to customize your Twitter feed to look attractive, curate it to get desired content, and updates the real-time content as well, to keep the audience connected with it.

Twitter integration/embedding by Twitter itself

Twitter allows its content to embed on a website with an inbuilt ‘embed’ option. Many other social media networks provide this option to embed its content through itself.

At just a click away, you will find the easiest way to integrate Twitter with your website.

With this, you can embed your tweet on your website with all the possible customization that Twitter provides.

The benefit of doing so with Twitter itself is, you don’t need to depend anymore on any plugins and all the stuff. Twitter would provide you an embed option that you just need to copy and paste in your website code.

Integrating twitter buttons

Twitter buttons like ‘Share a link, Mention, Follow, and Hashtag’ can be integrated with your website. Doing so will let your website visitors engage with your Twitter profile as well.

Having these one-click buttons on your website makes your website more appealing, and will also increase your Twitter profile engagement through your website.

These Twitter buttons can be added into any page of your website, be it home page, write for us, about us, or contact us.

Twitter buttons embedding would ask for a similar process for its execution as copy and paste the embedding code.

Twitter Plugins (WordPress)

WordPress provides smart solutions as ‘plugins’ to integrate even bigger platforms to it.

Like ‘twitter plugin’ for embedding twitter on your WordPress website, WordPress provides plugins for other social media networks too.

‘WP twitter’ is one of the most popular twitter plugins available in the market for embedding Twitter on your website.

You can track the traffic to your website coming from Twitter with this and access all the twitter buttons embedded on your e-commerce website.

Embedding Twitter timelines

Trend says to embed the content from Twitter on your website. It is on you to savvy the suggestion wisely or blindly.

Digital marketers, who are using social media aggregation tools are embedding the whole Twitter timeline instead of an individual post.

It is believed that a single tweet might not make a difference to the website and business, therefore, embedding the timeline as a whole is a smarter option.

Though twitter also has an option for embeddable timelines, it doesn’t allow that much of content curation facility, that a Twitter aggregation tool offers.


If Twitter will be getting integrated into your e-commerce website, your business will be definitely going to get a more genuine audience.

The more genuine the audience, the higher the conversions will be.

Twitter is not only a pioneer in social media but is also becoming a top priority for digital marketing.

As far as implementing new and effective ideas is concerned, the idea of embedding twitter on website is the best fit. We should not be getting later in doing that. Neither we should keep a doubt over these ways of twitter integration with business websites.

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