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Instagram tips and tricks

Instagram tips and tricks

Instagram is one of the powerful and most popular social networks on the web. Earlier there were very few platforms that provide photo sharing facilities like Flickr. But after the downfall of yahoo, Instagram steps into an internet world and becomes famous in very little time. So here we discuss some of the very cool tricks which are very helpful to everyone when they are using Instagram.

I also personally use the Instagram account. I have a professional account for a client. So over the past year, I have learned many tips and tricks which I will share among everyone in this article, in this article we discuss tricks and tips when we share photos on Instagram. For more extra features you can also buy Instagram accounts. You can also buy Instagram accounts for more features.

instagram tips

1. Find and add your Friends 

We can’t call a social media network is very social until you don’t have friends there so be sure to add and follow the people you know.

Go to setting and link your Instagram account with your Facebook account and also with your email. After then Instagram will automatically show you the list of people who are using the Instagram account.

In the future, it will also monitor your Facebook account and email contacts and inform you when someone creates a new Instagram account.

2. Try not to post in an excessive amount

The average and ideal posting should be a once or twice a day, remember quality matter not a quantity try to post quality content if you try to post in the excessive quantity your most of the audience fail to reach your post. And also sometime Instagram will think you as a robot and maybe your ID gets blocked.

Make sure to be a focus on quality, use to create the best quality image there are many online tools which can help you to achieve that like Canva and Postermywall. Try not to post unusual and old post take some time and post unique kinds of stuff

3. Size, Designs, and Format of Image

Earlier on Instagram, you can post images in the shape of a square. Those people who take photos on widescreen, have to resize their image into square shape before posting it. But now Instagram supporting other sizes many people get relief when they heard about that.

You can also create an image carousel and swipe between two or more than two images. Carousels are the best option when you are posting an image of the same events you can try this in both android and iOS.

4. Try to tag the relevant people

Just like as on Facebook, you can tag photos or images with an Instagram username. This can help you to increase the visibility of your friends if you are someone looking for them on Instagram. At the very last screen, you can see the option of the tag to the user you can just tap on the option and add the particular user.

5. Try to like other people posts or image

Remember don’t think that what can you get out from Instagram. Instead, you can focus on providing quality images and attract other people toward your post so they usually visit your post. And the most important thing if you have to remember that try to like the image and the post of others so that in return they can also visit your post. And try not to do spammy comments because sometimes it can get more serious and your Instagram ID can also get blocked.

6. Select the proper hashtags

I have discussed in my earlier article hashtags are one of the most important things when you are using a social network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr. But on Instagram, it matters the most. If you will try to make a little mess with it and your image and post never be seen by others. Hashtags are the descriptive keywords on which when we click we can see all the posts related to that same subject.

Try to keep the number of hashtags not more than 7 or 8. If you use more than that it will look like spam. There will not any effect or harm if you are using broader hashtags but try not to do that.

7. Switch your normal Instagram account to business for more features

Try to switch your normal account to a business account even you are not using an Instagram account for business because it is free and you can get extra features that feature are.

1. You can get access to analytics and stats by can you can check the health of your post. Like, how many people are visiting your post and how many views and likes you have got.

2. You can directly connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business page.

To switch to an Instagram business account, go to settings and choose to switch to a business account. After that, you can add your Facebook page in the setting. To access the analytics tap on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner side of the screen and after that choose insights.

What tips I forget to make you know about please comment in inbox so that I will discuss it in my next article.

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