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Instagram strategies for coworking space marketing

Instagram strategies for coworking space marketing

Social media is one of the most influential channels of media in the present world. The trend has been changing every decade and at present, the ball is in the court of Instagram. 

Yes, it is true that Instagram is the new word and the usage of the same has been for diverse reasons. While few people use the gram for entertainment, the people use them for their business.

Instagram is a powerful tool for the reason that there are around a billion active monthly users and more than 500 million posts and stories every single day. 

With a huge potential for a customer base already existing in the gram, it is also possible that you have very large competition. It is also possible that your posts and accounts may not get the reach that you expect with these many outputs daily. 

Well, with an efficient marketing strategy and a unique approach you can easily increase your fanbase and increase the leads for your business. 

Coworking spaces, today are aplenty and it is of no dispute that you need to stand out to get more customers and to spread the word of your business. Instagram is a very profitable and successful platform for the same.

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you boost up your Instagram for marketing your coworking spaces. 

1.Start from the basics

Your Instagram account must have the pictures, posts, highlights etc which will tell the story of your business. They must reflect the ideals that you stand for, the goals that you work for. 

On the gram, the best content and artistic representation of the same is important to build trust with the public, which will eventually turn into strong leads. 

  • Using the business account will give you the privileges of having more insights and thus, ways to improve and change the strategies that will make people love you more. 
  • The profile must have all the details. Contact number, address, a website all must be specified. The link in bio must be updated to point to the latest news and happenings about your coworking space. 
  • Delegate the content for stories and posts. Let your posts contain content regarding your coworking space, the team, how-to posts etc. Let the stories contain day to day life at the coworking space, testimonials, upcoming project ideas etc. If you have very detailed and professionally sorted out content, include them in the IGTV.

2. Knowing the algorithm

Just like how you optimise your content for the search engines, you have to optimise your content and your account so that Instagram algorithm likes you and brings you closer to your followers.

It is important that you post regularly and have stories on your account on a regular record for you to be visible to your followers.

In the beginning you have to post almost everyday religiously. However once the followers are getting increased and you are able to realise your followers expectations you can decrease the posts gradually. Experts suggest you post at least twice a week and to have daily stories for you to be visible. Also, the days that you post must be consistent. These will impress your algorithm with the fact that you are active in the online space.

3. Building a real relationship with your followers

As soon as you start growing your followers, it is important that you maintain a positive and healthy relationship with your followers.

Whenever they comment or ask questions in the comment section, be quick in replying to them before they lose interest in your business. It can be advisable to have online media relations managers to manage your account if it is not possible for you to be quick and online all the time. 

You can put up live sessions with your customers who use your coworking space, meeting room, Conference rooms,Training rooms. These can build an organic taste to your account and more strong relationships with your followers.

You can engage with other accounts, by tagging and mentioning the relevant accounts to your post and stories. 

4. Usage of hashtags

The power of hashtags is not to be underestimated. People use hashtags to search and hence, using them to appear as relevant posts under the most common and most relevant hashtags must be your preference while using hashtags.

It is always appreciable to have a unique hashtag for your coworking space or firm so that you can use them for each of your posts and stories which will make yourself unique. Campaigns or events can be conducted with the hashtags of prime title. 

Regular usage of hashtags on posts are required and somewhere in between, 7-15 hashtags can be used on each post. The hashtags must be a combination of long tail hashtags and short tail hashtags. People usually search using the short tail keywords. Hence the weightage must be high on a short tail.

Hashtags can be used pretty much below the caption or as the first comment. To understand the hashtags, The hashtag “coworking space” has been used in 769k posts.

The longtail hashtag “coworking space India” has been used only 500+ times. You must give significant importance to the hashtags which will help you to increase the followers on your niche

5. Instagram ads

There are different types of collaborations happening on Instagram. They can be paid and unpaid. 

Unpaid collaborations with pages of similar fanbase and the potential audience can be done once in a month for the benefit of both the business.

Paid collaborations are that done with pages that have a very high number of followers. With this, you can reach out to a larger audience. While making paid collaborations, make sure that you reach the right audience who needs a coworking space or is interested in the coworking space life. 

Instagram ads are also used by accounts to reach the target audience. The tariff and the reachability depend on the need of the client. Local sponsored ads are better uses for coworking spaces and unpaid collaborations can increase the potential leads.

The whole point of building a strong fanbase on social media is to increase the leads and clients to your coworking space. Preparing your posts in such a way that will build trust in your audience can be helpful in telling your story.

Prepare high-quality pics with people in the pictures, of your coworking space or from the events that you conduct for Instagram posts. 

Promote the members in your coworking space by giving shout outs to their products, which will increase your fame and the same will be done by the members too in return.

Try building a community that will bring together different people from different fields who will make use of the coworking space. This way, the customers can interact with each other and gain benefits out of each other with the community that you have formed. 

Along with targeting the right audience and making the best strategies to reach out to them, it is also important that you have fun on the gram, making your own little space!

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