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Who is not using Instagram? Well, I am using it and almost every mobile user is using this photo sharing app. Instagram is an uncomplicated social networking app developed for an easy photo as well as video sharing through a smartphone. The working of this app is simple enough to understand i.e. if any user uploads their photo or video, that similar post will be visible on the feeds of other user’s Instagram who are following the same user. It’s quite similar to Facebook as users of Instagram can “Like” the post, Share as well as can Tag also. People can save any photos and videos as well as can send private messages too. Check Instagram reviews.

However, Instagram is a simplified version of Facebook and it should be as it is owned by Facebook only. Instagram became so popular because the trend of mobile photography increased rapidly. Nowadays, the mobile market is giving such amazing and robust mobile devices that are capable enough to capture impressive photos and videos in every light condition. This app is for free of cost and is available on both iOS as well as Android devices.

An Instagram account can also be accessed on the web but being a focus on mobile, a user can only upload their pictures and videos through their smartphones only.

How to get started with Instagram?

Instagram is very simple to use application. It does not cost a single penny; anyone can create their free account. People can even connect to Instagram through their existing Facebook account or through their email. As soon as you log’s in your Instagram account, you can get started with sharing your photos and videos with your friends. You can follow people can accept their follow request. Can even connect with your friends on Facebook that are also there on Instagram.

instagram reviews

You can make changes in your profile anytime you want. You can add a profile picture, your bio, and your website (if any) as people will go through your profile before accepting you follow request.

It’s a popular app as its users are more than 700 million, so people are quite familiar about it. But, most of them are not aware of its good and bad parts. So, let’s split the pros and cons of an Instagram app.

Instagram Reviews


  • A user can simply click a photo, can edit at the same time and can directly upload it to their Instagram.
  • Not only on Instagram, but any individual can also even upload their photo or video on Facebook as well as on Twitter too immediately.
  • Large active communities are available online where people can join and can share their memories by uploading their photos and videos anytime.
  • Trusted third party app markets are also available from where users can download the app as well as photo filters.
  • Can share short live videos immediately or can keep their live video stories too.


  • By default, there are very fewer photo effects are available that is very annoying. For sharing any photo immediately, you will have to download the filters from the third party market. For immediate sharing, this process can be a hectic one.
  • Whatever feeds arrive; they are not at all organized in sequence. The listing order of feeds mismatch.
  • Instagram only shares photos that are available in device memory or that are available on device gallery folder.

Final Verdict to Instagram reviews

Well, Instagram is an outstanding photo sharing app that is available on application stores. There are few flaws as not everything can be perfect. However, it is still one of the most popular social networking apps that are used by more than 700 million users daily.

By Anurag Rathod

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