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Instagram Live: Increase Brand Image by Interacting In Real-Time

Instagram Live: Increase Brand Image by Interacting In Real-Time

Instagram live is an exciting feature and helps us to connect with our fans and followers. The live feature helps followers to be aware of the things going on around us. The live feature of Instagram was launched in 2018, which is similar to the live features of Facebook, the parent company.  

Instagram live has one major difference from Facebook live that is after the live end, it disappears usually, and you will not be able to watch live later. Instagram offers another highlight to its real-time live feature. You will get more exposure if you exploit and use the live feature of Instagram. You can also buy Instagram live video views to increase more followers.

It shows a rim stating ‘live’ on the user’s profile picture, which can be seen by the viewers on their homepage. When the person is living, their followers get a floating notification as well. When influencers have a real-time chat with their fans or followers, they increase the brand image they are representing and make them aware. 

In this article, we will help you understand how using the live feature can help create a brand image.

Make Purposeful Lives

Going live when you are bored and interacting with people is fine, but having a motive behind live is very important. Your going live should be properly timed and should have an exclusive motive behind it. Your lives can be informative about some product, or it might be a question-answer live where the audience will interact with you.

Announce In Advance

Before going to live, you must promote that you are be going live. Let your target audience know that you will be live, let them know the time and the topic of discussion beforehand. So that the interested group of audiences can be online at that time and interact with you. Promoting live videos in advance is a stunt to attract viewers for your life. Share stories stating the time and topic of life. Instagram Live audiences and videos play very important for gaining popularity.

Feedback from the viewers

Afterlife is over; you should take feedback from your viewers, asking if their life was helpful and fun. Speaking about the current issues gathers more viewers and their opinions on the topic. After introducing a product to your viewers, ask for feedback on the product task if it was beneficial to them. Many brands use the live video facility of Instagram to strengthen their bonds with their customers. But, to make it easy, you can buy Instagram live video views.

Interact and reply to your viewers

While being on live, do not only concentrate on your content or product. Make sure your viewers feel they are a part of life too. Ask them for their opinions, read out their comments, mention their names, and answer their questions. When you start a live wait for a minimum audience to watch, you reveal the offers, incentives, or promotion of your brand. When you market and promote a brand, you become the face of the brand.

One time watch

Build a feeling of urgency among your audience. Tell them it’s an onetime watch live and cannot be viewed afterward. It has to be in real-time. The main point of this feature is in interacting in real-time, if not possible in reality.

Promote your going live from beforehand with creative and tell the viewers that you will be given promo codes and vouchers. Video marketing is one of the best ways to make people aware of your brand and attract their attention to your brand.


You can go for a live interview with the CEO of your company or with someone who holds a good place in the brand. People will get to know about the human side of your organization. You interact and have a friendly chat with him while others watch the other side of your brand. In the end, you can take up questions from the viewers and ask him directly, so that the viewers know about the working of the brand and can trust its products easily.

Final Words

Many people are aware of the real-time live feature of Instagram and are using it in full force, while many people have not used it to enhance their brand’s name.If you buy Instagram live video views, you will get a lot of benefits, which are very helpful for your account. Going live is now one of the best marketing strategies of the most popular brands.

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