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What forms a well thriving Instagram Clone like application?

What forms a well thriving Instagram Clone like application?

Today there is no need to use an advanced digital camera to snap stunning pictures as their places have been taken over by smartphones with the number of smartphone users in the world totalling to 3.5 billion. The best part, everyone can click photos and share them across the social networking domains.

This paved the way for the conceptualization of Instagram in 2010, and ever since then, it has now become the most sought-after app when it comes to the picture/video sharing platform. It is still gaining more fame in enthralling people from all across the globe.

More than 50 billion photos have been shared to date on Instagram, and the number of Instagram likes per day is 4.2 billion. Further, more than 1 billion Instagram users are active every month.

Instagram’s speciality lies in the fact that it is continually evolving with multiple brand-new features integrated over the past few years. Also, significant and minor design changes were featured regularly concerning robust UI/UX

Between the period of 2017 – 2018, there was a lot of cool technical features introduced that comprise the likes of

(I) Stories Highlights

(ii) IGTV

(iii) Shoppable Posts

(iv) Explore Page

This is just a preview of the features that were introduced in this period to Instagram. So if you are focused on developing a photo-sharing app like Instagram, make sure that you integrate constant evolution of design and technical features in your working.

You can use a unique and robust Instagram clone script to take care of that aspect. When developing your photo-sharing mobile app wield the power of innovation and concentrate on how unique your app should be along with the plethora of benefits it brings to your user base.

When you opt for an Instagram clone script, it will have tons of features classified into two categories, namely the User Panel and Admin Panel.

The former consists of features like Login, Registration, Home Screen, View Profile, Uploading/Posting Media, Search Media Direct Messaging, Notifications, Settings, Misc etc

The Admin Panel includes features like Login, Dashboard, User Manager, Report Manager and Content Manager.

Now let’s speak about some advanced features that come integrated with an Instagram Clone Script.

Signup / Sign in via email and social media accounts:

The users must be able to sign in or register via the mobile phone number, email ID and other platforms like Google+ and Facebook.

Activity Log:

This can be categorized into user activity and their follower’s activities.

In the former, users can get recommendations on whom to follow, and they can keep track of all their recent actions like following/unfollowing users, commenting on pictures, checking posts etc.

The latter gives a complete insight into what the app followers are doing and their exact time activity as well.


This highly engaging feature called Stories must also be a part of your Photo Sharing app. Once a story gets posted, a push notification is generated to the other users. Add a spice of innovation by allowing the user base to control the time for a given story to be displayed.

GPS Integration:

Another must-have feature in your app, it will allow users to get the present location automatically, and they can also opt to add the area manually should there be any poor internet connection. You can enable your app users to show others where and all they have visited.

Social Media Integration:

This is the feature that gave Instagram so much fame in terms of user engagement. Here your user base is enabled to share their uploaded pictures/videos to other social media accounts merely with a single click. This will optimize the customer experience and lead to better app promotion.

Direct Messaging within Stories:

The dating app users can ask their followers any question or suggestions. Further, they can create polls and intensify the engagement in the platform with the help of a small video, image or text.


The dating app must come with a multitude of filters and editing tools to edit the pictures and videos before they are uploaded on the social media platforms.

User Profile:

The user base can manage their profile in every aspect. This includes their name, email, following, followers as well as the total number of media files that were uploaded and tagged.


Here your users can search for another app user by using the search feature and keying in that user’s user name.

Push Notifications:

The users will be notified in real-time whenever someone has liked or commented on their photo/video or when any other type of activity takes place.

Monetization Models of Instagram:

The Revenue generated by Instagram is directly related to the user attention span.

The Revenue streams include Sponsored posts and Advertisements, Social commerce, Carousel Ads and Video Ads

Speaking of Instagram’s ad revenue, it was 20 billion dollars last year. It also has more than 2 Million Advertisers every month and 25 Million Business Profiles. On a daily basis 200 million + Instagrammers visit at least one business profile.


In this era dominated by social networking apps, getting to own an Instagram clone is a win-win situation for both the app owner and the user base.

By now, we are sure that you are convinced to get an Instagram clone developed immediately for your business. If interested, you can approach Instagramcloneapps to know about its extraordinary Instagram clone script speaking of which has been designed to perfection. We can develop a basic app version with MVP and neat UI/UX design for $5000. For developing a photo-sharing app with all the advanced features, it will cost $15000.

Author Bio:

Vinoth is the Director of the Canadian based Instagramcloneapps technology company which offers pioneering and innovative clone app solutions for its global client base. The company provides state-of-the-art services to Start-ups, SMEs and other major business enterprises.

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