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Mandatory features that should be integrated with every Instagram clone

Mandatory features that should be integrated with every Instagram clone

No one would have imagined that a simple photo-sharing app called Instagram, which debuted in 2010, would grow tremendously to be valued at more than $100 billion now.

At present, it is not only the best photo sharing app but also a globally popular social networking platform.

Currently, Instagram has a vast number of features when it comes to editing and customizing the photos /videos before the media files get uploaded on social networks.

If you want to develop your successful photo-sharing social networking platform via an Instagram clone, ensure to keep the following features in the clone app of yours.

It is for better user engagement and user retention.

So, let’s get reading ahead.

(a) Registration/Signup:

This is the first screen that your Instagram clone users will see.

Request their mobile number or include any other alternative means of login including the likes of email or another social network login (E.g. Facebook)

Ensure that you don’t ask the user for every information during the signup process as this will turn away some of them.

Thereby create the Instagram clone in such a way that it registers the users successfully with just few information inputted. 

(b) Uploading Photos / Videos:

The most popular photo-sharing apps help the users in snapping photos before uploading them to social media. 

The main feature in your Instagram clone is to include rich photo editing features so that you can add more intrigue to your photo-sharing platform.

Features to customize photos include cropping, rotating, stickers, adding text and using filters. Before the photo gets uploaded, the users can tag others, integrate location, and add a caption that features hashtags for the given image.

Also, add the feature to edit photos once they are posted.

All the other users must be able to like and comment on the given user’s posts.

(c) Direct Messaging:

Your Instagram clone must fulfil all requirements as a social media app by enabling the power to text other users directly. This way, the users don’t have to share their contact details.

Add more fascination to the messaging feature by including Photo messages, Video messages, Audio Messages, stickers, and GIFs as well. This way, you can attract more and more users.

You can also integrate Real-time private conversations and Real-time group conversations to your photo/video sharing application.

(d) Push Notifications:

Cleverly optimize the power of push notifications for the betterment of your user engagement. With Push Notifications, you will alert your user base regarding any updates, be it new posts or any reply to their posts or if someone has just messaged the user.

Furthermore, smartly send push notifications to the users regarding updates for which they are particularly interested in.

(e) Stories:

As a popular feature used by the original Instagram users, its popularity is reinforced by the fact that over 500 million accounts use the Instagram Stories feature daily.

Add this engaging feature also to help your user base to enhance its social media skills. 

(f) Search Feature:

This option helps the users to find other profiles, places, and tags seamlessly. You can smartly integrate your Instagram clone with suggestion options in the search bar for users to effortlessly find other users.

(g) GPS Integration:

You can appease the millennials with the feature called GPS. They love travelling, and they would like to tell others where they have been.

It is refreshing to upload photos and videos with precise location tagged.

 By integrating GPS with your Instagram clone, users can show the location of the place they are present automatically. If not, they can add it manually should the internet connection be substandard.

These are the mandatory features that you must integrate with your well-functioning Instagram clone solution that should come with rich UI/UX and stunning graphics.

For the success of your photo/video-sharing social networking platform make the sure to include the critical fact that the user navigation must be streamlined and intuitive. 


We are very sure that after reading everything mentioned above, you are ready to venture into the social networking domain with your own powerful Instagram clone solution.

Invest in digital marketing and branding to attract a more significant user base and reap bigger success.

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Author Bio:

PrawinChandru is an Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Instagramcloneapps, which is a Canadian based technology company powered by AI technology. Its prime objective is to provide the best app clone solutions with less cost and effort. It has developed over 40 photo/video sharing apps for its global client base that comprises start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

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