Now during the pandemic session everyone is left with no option  other than entertainment. And movies proved a boon during this time, but sadly cinemas are not operational so the users have to find an alternative so as to beat the quarantine period at its best. This blog shall be talking about YTS proxy movie sites which mainly stream online. Now it’s quite common for the users who use YTS on a regular basis to access their all time favourite movies and tv shows without any failed attempt. There are few people who are unfamiliar with the perks of using YTS over any other site.

While talking about what YTS is, we must know this fact beforehand that it got shut down back in 2005 and it is not operational in the following days. Rather we have some alternative site where one can easily switch to without any vain and it works in the same manner as YTS would work .

Now YTS is also recognised as yify which is yify torrents solution and its simply an online portal which offers high quality hd movie to the peers. Above all everyone has been asking us if yify was safe to use or not to which I would want to add that if anyone is opting for the service then the risk of malware is pretty high . The quality is not compromised at any cost but these unwanted files might infect your computer.

Leaving behind this, the major reason of concern is that it is not recognized by the government. By that I mean it’s not legalised yet and you can be charged in case you break the protocols which are duly set by the government of your area. So it is always advisable to download everything at your own risk.

If you are still daring to access to the service, we shall be providing you with the tips to stay on safer side while accessing to the YTS movie website to stream online:

1.If you are really willing to switch to the torrent activities then try to have a VPN and quality should not be affected by any chance. This is quite sufficient I feel if you wish to play safe while unblocking the YTS and allows easy access to the proxy server alongside. As per your convenience try switching to:

1.Torrent Safely

2.Torrent anonymously

3.Access blocked torrent websites

2.The next step should be checking the vpn settings so as to make sure that your privacy is kept intact.

3.Try reaching out to a vpn server and enable connection with it. It is always advisable to use the vpn server which is at your nearest place so as to avoid delay in downloading speed.

Having mentioned all the basic set of protocols we shall now be discussing on the best unblocked YTS sites which works pretty well when you are trying to download  torrents safely:

  1. https://yts.mx/
  2. https://yts.pm/
  3. https://yts.ai/
  4. https://yts.vc/
  5. https://yts.ae/
  6. https://yts.unblockit.win/
  7. https://yts.nocenslor.club/
  8. https://www.yify-movies.net
  9. https://yts.ag/

Switching to the best YTS alternative you can keep as a healthy option, make sure you don’t miss on anything:

  1. The pirate bay was founded back in 2003 and is one of the best torrent sites for every one who lands on an online platform. Although the site has been through lots of shutdowns  by the time. But it would still be considered as a good choice.
  2. Torrent downloads is another such name which offers great content with vast variety be it in movies or music. It’s considered as a great backup in case you are unable to access the YTS torrent .
  3. Last but not the least RARBG is another prime website which fits pretty well for the process and it was ranked in the list of popular torrents, so it’s a good alternative too.

We have put out some very genuine facts for your better understanding , make sure you follow each one of them without any fail. Feel free to connect with us on webfrenz.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.