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Diesel Generator is Best For Industrial Used

Diesel Generator is Best For Industrial Used

EO Energy is one of the prime manufacturers and Distributors of Diesel Generator in Delhi NCR. Our company is committed to providing generators and We are matching up with the customer requirement.

You can find a wide range of Portable Diesel Generators from 8 kW to 30 kW and Industrial Diesel Generators from the range of 8 kW to 2000 kW. Because of its size, basic cost, fuel availability, and simplicity, our Diesel generator is one of the prime choices for the customers.

Few of the best features of our Dg sets are as follows,

Energy efficiency & economy

Our Diesel Genset manufacturing unit follows the advanced technology of the combustion process to achieve higher levels of efficiency than ever before. This has brought about improved mileage and decreased fumes discharge levels that conform to current necessities and which will empower the motors to fulfill future enactment. Our DG Set motors offer the most noteworthy kWh/Liter fuel, bringing about prevalent economy and execution.

Durability & low noise

Intended for simple, quick and practical establishment. Fields tried to guarantee the best quality of solidness and long life. Well-adjusted to create smooth and sans vibration activity with low commotion level. To keep up a controlled working temperature in chambers and burning chambers, the motor is outfitted with cylinder cooling. The motor is additionally fitted with replaceable chamber liners and valve seats/advisers to guarantee the most extreme toughness and administration life of the motor.

Low exhaust emission

The best in class, innovative infusion and exceptionally proficient accuse air arrangement of low inside misfortunes adds to amazing ignition and low fuel utilization. The motor is EPA/CARB Tier 3 and EU Stage 3A emanation guaranteed.

Easy service & maintenance

We also provide doorstep facilities of service & Maintenance of generators.

Other features

  • EPA Tier 3 & EU Stage 3A certified
  • Compact design
  • Low operating cost
  • A high efficient cooling system
  • High-quality configuration
  • Excellent step load performance

We have provided user-friendly DG Sets with superior durability & reliability to ensure smooth and clean power to serve connected devices.

Our Genset offer lower fuel consumption, because of its high tech engine configuration. This will help you to save on fuel costs across the range over the entire product life.

 EO Energy Dg set offers you many years of trouble-free performance and peace of mind driven by product reliability and low cost of ownership.

Features of Diesel generator

  • EPA and EU certified engine
  • Great compact design
  • Low operating cost
  • Easy to handle
  • High efficient cooling system
  • High-quality configuration
  • Great in step load performance
  • Automatic low fuel shutoff
  • CO level sensor
  • All products are highly reliable & durable

Basic components of Diesel Generator

  • Command panel
  • A battery for starting the engine
  • Voltage regulator
  • Internal combustion engine
  • Mechanical coupling pad
  • Electric generator
  • High capacity Fuel tank

Our emergency standby diesel generator is the most required diesel engine generator in hospitals to run life support systems. The response time of this diesel generator is below 10 seconds. This electric diesel generator is mostly to work for significant at variable load.

Few of the best available features in diesel generator like reliability, response time, fuel availability, and the load supply capacity make them more famous as compared to other fuel generators.

The operating or maintenance cost of diesel engine generators is also very reliable. If you clean or change all filters (like the air filter, fuel filter) in fix time of period, this Diesel Genset will give youlong-lasting service. Proper maintenance of portable diesel generator or industrial diesel generator will give you a proper work response as well as fuel efficiency. This will also increase the life of diesel generators.

EO Energy provides you with new generators, used generators and rental generators service. Our services will never end after generator delivery, we always stand with our customer from power generator installation to generator maintenance.


Nevertheless, it is usually the width of the maximum load to be attached and the appropriate maximum voltage fall that defines the size range, not the ratings themselves. If the set is needed to begin engines, then the Genset must be at least three times the largest generator, which is usually first started. It means that it will not perform anywhere similar to the scores of the option.


Diesel fuel is modeled for diesel engines and not vice versa; diesel Genset are essentially compression-ignition generator which, depending on specification and position, can work on a variety of different fuels. Fuel is often used where there is a fuel supply link, as the fuel system would be under stress throughout almost all power cuts. This is done through the addition of petrol with exhaust air and the use of a small amount of diesel fuel for combustion. It is possible to achieve simultaneous conversion to 100% diesel fuel operation.

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