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Learn These AC Tricks to Better Indoor Air Quality

Learn These AC Tricks to Better Indoor Air Quality

Building syndrome is caused by having an inefficient air conditioning system. This includes symptoms related to the poor indoor air quality of a home or commercial building. An incorrectly installed or poorly maintained AC unit has severe consequences on your health or staff. Perhaps you’ve noticed an increase in problems including runny eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose, or joint pain. Calling a professional AC technician to inspect and repair your unit. This will improve air quality leading to the prevention of allergies, asthma, and cold. Read on below to understand tricks to enhance indoor air quality.

Keep the temperature at a constant level

It is tempting to cool indoor air more than outside air. Unfortunately, too much temperature variation doesn’t guarantee a comfortable and healthy environment. To keep your air conditioner functioning well requires maintaining a fixed temperature and humidity everywhere. It prevents the body from having to regularly to adapt to temperature variations. This guarantees a much healthier living environment.

Replacing the air filters

These keep dirt, dust, pet hairs, and dander out of the AC unit. However, the filters wear out depending on the severity of the situation. Air filters are designed to work for a particular period but you have to replace them more frequently if you have pets around or live in a dusty environment. Keeping inefficient filters in your unit is extremely dangerous to your health and those in the work environment. Fortunately, periodic replacement of the air filters will help keep the air conditioner working efficiently leading to significant improvement in indoor air quality.

Schedule regular inspection

Apart from air filters, an air conditioning unit has various parts and accessories that break down with time. Therefore, requesting for professional air condition repair in Houston  is the solution to ensuring that your unit works much longer. A technician will inspect your unit for issues that need repair or recommend replacing the unit where necessary. Fortunately, reputable AC repair companies have partnerships with reputable AC brands for quality models when opting for a replacement.

Control humidity

Sometimes, the poor living conditions in your space might be resulting from uncontrolled humidity but not pollutants or fluctuating temperature. Very dry air encourages itchy skin and dry eyes. It also worsens cough and stuffy nose. You are likely to end up with allergy-like symptoms that might affect your sleep and productivity . Air usually becomes too dry in winter when the heat is regularly pumped indoors.

Very high moisture levels promote mold. This is very dangerous to health and costs a lot of effort and money to get rid of. It is important to always maintain humidity at 40 to 60 percent. You have to determine this using a hygrometer. Fortunately, modern air conditioning units can determine humidity automatically. This ensures appropriate humidity to keep the air with ideal water content to prevent dry eyes and mold promoting moist conditions.

Purify the Air

Air going through the air conditioner is filtered. However, regular air filters are only good at preventing big particles like dust and hair away from your unit. If you are not sure of the filters in your unit, consider investing in an air purifier. This comes with a HEPA filter that stops tiny particles from circulating back into the air indoors. With this, your environment is free from viruses, mites, and microorganisms for safe and healthy living.

Use a furnace blower

In winter, ensure to have your furnace inspected and adjusted. This tune-up is essential for excellent performance and safety. Venting equipment, heat ex-changers, and other parts of the furnace might get problems leading to the emission of carbon monoxide. Investing in a furnace blower is an effective solution to enhance air quality. This recirculates air and inhibits mold spores and microbial bacteria especially if your filter system comes with UV lights.


An air conditioner is a handy accessory in a home or working environment. It maintains an ideal temperature in the environment. This requires keeping the unit in good condition to lessen chances of inefficient air filters. Ensure to keep a phone number of a reputable Houston AC technician for immediate assistance whenever you feel your indoor air quality us subpar. Through routine maintenance, the technician will repair or replace any parts of your air conditioning unit.

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