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How to increase your Organic Traffic and SEO Rank with Guest Blogging

How to increase your Organic Traffic and SEO Rank with Guest Blogging

Hi everyone, Harry from SEO builder here and today I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned from over a thousand guest posts. That’s right. I ran over a thousand guest posts. Yes, it hasn’t happened over the last years many years of building it up. But I ran literally over a thousand blog posts just in English. If you combine Portuguese and Spanish and other languages in German I probably ran over 2000 guest posts does a shit ton of content. Is it really worth it. I don’t do it anymore so you’re probably like no. But you know what. I’ll actually tell you the answer and it’s a bit more complicated than just a yes or no answer.

First off, if you’re in the B2C niche. If you’re out there selling dog shoes I don’t know what you would be selling, but let’s say a cynic dog shoes, dog leashes or pick anything out there. Chances are guess posting as not worth it because of minor traffic that you can get from these sites and the amount of business it generates for the consumer niche is so small you will not generate enough revenue.

But on the flip side for being a B2B it is worth it in which you can make a shit ton of money. I’m talking about millions of dollars and I can even give you example of how I’ve done well through guest posting but it’s not what you think – which you can’t just release a guest post after  guest post and do well. See when I started guest posting I would write one or two articles a week and you know what I’m going to get a shit load of business and people hitting me up for market advising, consulting and guess how much business I drummed up from it – little to none. But after doing it for a year or two what happened to all my articles that I posted about Social Media Marketing, SEO, Link Building and Digital Marketing. They started to rank on Google. These articles started getting a ton of traction and I wasn’t doing anything just over time. They naturally rank, so businesses would be like ‘Oh I read this article by SEO Builder – let’s hit them up, let’s see what they do.

Get business contracts

I wasn’t getting contracts that were like ‘Hey, I’ll pay you a thousand bucks’. Sure those leads would come in but I was getting some 4-figure contracts and it was amazing all because of all my guest posts out there. But when people talk about guest posting they’re like ‘Yeah, you’re going to get business.’ – No they’re full of shit. I’ve done more than most people at a team who helped me manage my whole guest posting scheduling and the editors who helped me out right.

seo rank

Just because I’m writing the articles doesn’t mean I can edit up fast enough, add images. Always going at one point, I was doing one guest post per day, seven days a week and there were short articles. I streamlined it down to like 700 word articles or a thousand words. Or just crank use bits and pieces from different articles and some of the topics were regurgitated- I’d publish similar articles on different websites. I didn’t care. I was a duplicate content. I’d rewrite it to make it unique up but I was genius I can do quantity.

The wrong-doings

What ended up happening is after year two it drummed up business. But in the short run it was a big time sink and a money loss. And here’s the thing with guest posing when I got started in it. The times are amazing. And everyone’s like ‘oh I’m in a guest post on Entrepreneur, I can build links and get higher rankings on Google’.


Do you think this seven hundred dollar billion company doesn’t know what you’re doing? You think they’re that dumb where they can’t stop it. Those links will really help you that much instead. And even these blogs and these publishers there are no-following these days. But instead you should be doing it to build authority a name for yourself and drum up business. If you don’t do it in the long run you’re not going to do well and that’s why I’m telling you if you’re going to get posts you got to do it at least two years after the first year start seeing some results.

Guest posting timeline

After two years you’ll dominate and you’ll start getting business and you can actually generate a seven figure business from it. A friend of mine gets guest posting enquiries every day. It’s a seven figure business not just in what you can potentially sell the business for but I’m talking about revenue. How does he get all his business? He was writing articles about marketing. It’s worked for me. It’s worked for him and has worked for tons of other people. My buddy Steven from Affinity has built up a seven figure business as well from guest posting.


It’s not about selling links or anything like that. You build a business by becoming an authority in your space. Heck, I get a speaking engagement because people are like ‘I read your article on Content Marketing Institute. Can you come to our company here in Dubai and speak. We’ll give you 20 grand for the hour.’ – All because a guest posting is priceless. If you want to do it – do it but do it for two straight years. You want to give up after that. There’s already 5, 6 hundred articles out there on the web and you have to do at least five articles a week. Doing a few here and there doesn’t do shit. It’s hit or miss – some articles do well and some don’t.

So follow those strategies and you’ll create a shitload of income from guest posting. Assuming you’re in B2B and not B2C – don’t waste your time. If you’re not sure what kind of articles to write when it comes to guest posting leave a comment below and I’ll give you some advice. Best of luck with your guest posts.

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