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5 tried and tested ways to increase eCommerce conversion

5 tried and tested ways to increase eCommerce conversion

Entrepreneurs get into e-commerce with dreams of success and hopes of making it big. Achieving success selling online is not as easy as it may seem. Selling online will only be lucrative if there are consistent sales. Several key factors need to be carefully considered to help an ecommerce conversion site thrive.

There are millions of online sellers each with their own site, competing for that next sale. Most e-commerce sellers start their online businesses through a niche store selling specialty merchandise. It is significantly more useful to sell products within the same category or theme.

The primary challenge for online sellers is to convert their website visitors into bonafide customers that actually buy something. Most customers browse through several product listings before deciding to buy a particular product. There are solutions that one can implement to grab ahold of the customer’s attention and convince them to buy now.

Optimize the product listing

One of the first steps for any online seller is to list their products. It sounds simple enough to do, but most novice sellers make the mistake of rushing through the creation of their listing. Some even just copy and paste whatever other sellers are using.

Make it a point to build a unique product listing that will capture and convert potential customers. Start with a high-quality product. The product has to exude quality when customers purchase it that they will feel the need to share knowledge of it to their network.

Create a product title that has all the details that customers type into Google when searching for that product. The title needs to contain the brand, model number, size, key feature, product line, color and quantity of the said item. This also works for Amazon listing optimization.

Some customers decide what to buy solely based on the pictures of the product. It is essential to use professionally taken images of the product propped on a white background. The product description has to have all the technical and physical specifications of that particular product.

Don’t forget to include alternate names and spellings of the product as well. The bullet points of a product listing is another vital section of a useful product listing. This is where sellers can reach out and highlight their products.

Customers are looking for items that can fill a specific need that they have. Write in detail about how the product can solve their particular needs. Once a customer sees an answer to the question that they have in mind, then they are likely to hit the add to cart button.

A/B testing

Many tools and functions are built into e-commerce sites all to help increase ecommerce conversion rates. Lead capture tools like a signup page for a newsletter or free coupon. Use optimization processes like A/B testing to see what tools and designs work best.

Analyze what works better to serve a specific purpose. For example, if a particular product listing is as perfect as it can be but is still not bringing in any sales, then the problem could be in the picture of the product itself.

ecommerce conversion

Change the image and observe if that was indeed the problem. This tactic also works when launching PPC(Pay Per Click) campaigns. The advertisements or sponsored listings posted in either Amazon, Facebook or Google, will need to be tested to check which ones work for a specific target audience.  

Create promotions

All consumers enjoy getting discounts. When shopping for a product some consumers choose to buy from sellers that are selling the product at a discount. Even if the discount is only $1 off the regular price that would attract many bargain hunters.

Setting up a promotion for a newly launched product will allow the seller to generate reviews and sales much faster. Pair that with the power of social media and create discount codes that can be shared throughout a customers social network.  

Providing a significant discount during the launch phase of a product would help rank that product to page one of the SERP. Taking a product to page one will drastically increase organic sales. Once a product is on page one, it would be safe to reduce spending on sponsored listings then.

It would be best to continue offering the product at the best deal possible which could then allow a seller to win the buy box. The buy box will enable the seller to be the default choice for a buyer when they are shopping for that specific product.

Not only will the product be on page one, but it will also be the top-ranked product or the first choice for buyers. The seller in the buy box usually gets the sale 90% of the time.

Generate more Reviews

The more good reviews a seller has, the better their reputation is in the eyes of a customer. Good reviews help customers determine the worth of a product. If a product has very few or no reviews customers are more likely to avoid that seller in favor of one that has the most reviews.

Providing discounts to customers and using review groups is a fantastic way to get a head start in accumulating excellent reviews. Use email autoresponders to build relationships with customers and then request for a review. Send customers coupons with an expiration date that can be used for their next purchase.

Set up an Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminder

Losing potential customers en route to the checkout screen has become widespread. Customers went through the trouble of selecting the products and almost completed checkout but then decide to leave for whatever reason.

That is the definition of an abandoned shopping cart. There are several reasons why a customer would choose not to complete their purchase. Requests for too much personal data, the high price of the product, hidden fees such as shipping, slow website.

Requesting that a customer registers on the site to make a purchase may do harm than good. Require only an email be entered and allow guests to make purchases. The captured email will let the seller send follow-ups in case the shopping cart does get abandoned.

Price the product competitively. Be aware of what competitors are charging for the same product and strive to provide customers with the best possible price. In case there are hidden fees, stop doing that. Customers hate seeing hidden charges.

Be transparent with any and all charges and strive to provide customers with free shipping. Most major e-commerce platforms like 3Dcart and Magento offer cart abandonment solutions.

Conclusion for ecommerce conversion

Optimizing an e-commerce business to produce sales consistently is a lot of work. Set up the necessary tools to automate business processes to gather data, follow up with customers and analyze what works best to make that sale. Offer discounts as needed and provide more value to the customer than any other seller.

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