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Improving Oral Health and Confidence with Implant Treatments

Improving Oral Health and Confidence with Implant Treatments

All vital functions like chewing, biting, and smiling at its core are supported by proper dentition. So, missing one or two teeth isn’t an ideal case, as it hinders these functions and negatively impacts people’s quality of life. In those situations, individuals experience various complications that can result in more severe conditions without proper treatment. Dental implants are dentistry’s solution to eliminate these concerns, as they can effectively replace any number of teeth in a minimally invasive procedure. Along with improving smile and bite, it also offers many other benefits. 

Treatment Process

People looking to get dental implants in Pompano Beach should consult with a dentist with experience in this treatment. They will conduct a thorough examination to determine a patient’s condition and eligibility for this treatment. Practitioners use X-rays and digital scans to get a comprehensive insight into a jawbone to gauge its density. If that bone structure is lacking adequate volume, they might suggest getting a bone graft surgery.

In this procedure, surgeons will use a graft material or bones from other parts of the body to regenerate a solid jaw structure. Once completed, oral surgeons use a handheld tool to create an aperture on a socket to expose its bone. In this opening, they will insert a metal post made of titanium and seal the wound. Over time, that metal part and jaw structure begin to fuse together; thus, creating a stable base for other parts.

After complete healing, dentists will schedule a second surgery to reopen the wound and place an abutment. This screw-like part connects a fixture with an artificial crown. Based on clinical evaluation specifications, a dental lab will fabricate a crown matching the profile of other teeth in a dentition. Once arrived, it is fixed on top of an abutment. 

Patients will generally experience some inflammation and discomfort after this procedure, but there are common symptoms and they can treat it using prescribed anti-biotics and counter medications. It takes several months for the surgical site to heal completely and until that time, people should only eat soft food to reduce pressure on that area and must practice proper oral hygiene routines. 

Crucial Advantages 

Edentulism is capable of diminishing oral health, as it promotes increased feasibilities of gum infections, adjacent teeth movement, and premature aging. Getting an implant sufficiently seals the space left by a lost tooth and eliminate any chances of such complications. 

Another adverse repercussion of teeth loss is that it hampers vital functions like chewing, biting, and smiling. In those cases, individuals can get replacement surgery to restore efficiency and improve the performance of their vital functions. 

At last, dental implants improves the quality of life deteriorated by edentulism. After losing a tooth, people detach themselves from all critical obligations and experience concerns over their appearance. With simple implant treatment, they get the natural replacement that accurately emulates the functions and appearance of a tooth without any major disadvantages. This increases their confidence to smile more actively and openly.

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