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5 Techniques to Improve Google Ads Performance

5 Techniques to Improve Google Ads Performance

Adwords is a useful tool you can use to drive traffic to your site and boost your sales. The technique is simple to start but can waste much of your marketing budget if not properly utilized. You cannot get good results from an Ads campaign if you don’t set it up and optimize it correctly. Ads is a traffic tool that traps Google users and sends them to your site.

The process should go beyond just sending the traffic by incorporating inbound marketing tools that will convert the traffic into sales. What you should have in mind about the people on Google is that they have decided on the product and service they need, meaning they are only looking for a company to provide them. Below are some of the techniques you can use to improve your Google Ads performance.

1. Enable Mobile Click-to-Call

Most people ignore this feature and rely only on the call from the website and the phone call extension features. The mobile click-to-call feature has a mobile number displayed on your mobile site, which potential customers click if they decide to call you.

Unlike the other methods where the client has to enter the phone number manually, click to call enables them to avoid the manual process that may be turning them away. Calls increase the conversion rate more than sign-ups because you can convince them better in a call.

Another advantage of the click-to-call technique is that it helps in conversion tracking because you can identify the clicks on the displayed number. Clicks data is better in analyzing conversions than data such as call length. Companies should start using this technique to tap more people, as many are now using their mobile devices to access the internet more than they use their desktops.

2. Use a “Near Me” Campaign

Near me, campaigns are a helpful technique that most advertisers neglect when coming up with Google advertising techniques. Customers know that they can get more local suggestions if they add the phrase “near me “at the end of their search query. For example, it is better for a customer who needs a google ads expert in Brisbane to narrow down the search instead of searching for a google ads agency in Australia.

Unless if you are an e-commerce company, Sydney is also a big city, meaning not all the potential can visit your business. Customers from a far part of Sydney are less likely to convert even if they see your add. Creating a separate campaign for “near me” searches helps you target people who are close to you. You can add your specific location such as Surry Hills and searches in the nearby area will easily find you.

3. Use Conditional Keywords

Most people may not tap enough customers even after spending a lot on your campaign due to poor keyword structuring. You may be using keywords that don’t show for your targeted searches. For example, a list of keywords like “photo’, “New York” and “Marriage” may not yield leads for a marriage photographer in New York because they are not specific. The ads may be showing for times like “Photography course New York” or “photo frames stores N.Y”.

Putting the keywords together makes them more specific to enable the ads to show for searches relevant to your campaign. A wedding photographer in New York can get more leads through combined keywords like wedding photographer New York or New York wedding Photography.

4. Test Your Landing Page Design

You may be scoring high in your Google ads manager, but still see no conversions if your landing page does not engage the potential customers. The landing page should further emphasize the message communicated by your ad.

It would help if you also tried split-testing your landing page in features such as designs, lead magnets, shape, color, CTA placement and many more to find the one that works for you. Testing your landing page gives you a clear picture of what is beneficial to you rather than following the stereotypes.

Having a high-converting landing page enables you to maximize on other areas such as traffic and clicks for higher conversions.

5. Give Visitors a Good Experience

The worst feeling that visitors have is to find that the ad they clicked does not provide what they needed. Having your ads all over the Google display network will send some internet users to your site, but you may have a low conversion because your landing pages are not providing what you promise in the ads. Visit Google analytic and check your landing page bounce rate to identify whether you need to change your ads.

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