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Important Safety Rules for Kids

Important Safety Rules for Kids

When your kids are ready to enter the preschool, you realize that you need to finally let them go. This is because you know that you cannot always be by their side or you cannot always keep them in your sights. So, when the time comes for your kids to go their own way, there must be some rules that they need to follow to ensure their own safety, which we all know is the highest priority. In fact, some of the best Montessori Nursery in Abu Dhabi specifically teach about safety to kids. Let’s look at some of those safety rules

Good and Bad Strangers

It is very important that your kids realize the difference between the two types of strangers. Not all strangers are bad like your friends’ families, close neighbors who are your friends, people you meet and who smile at you, people who thank you for a good deed and so on. But some can be definitely bad and there are some signs that can differentiate them from good ones. Its about the way they look at you, or touch you or even offer to take you somewhere by bribing you with a candy. It’s them you need to get your kids to learn about.

Who to Trust when in Need

It is necessary to inculcate the knowledge of who is the best option when you need help. People with kids, police officers, teachers, known neighbors, and so on are some of the best people to look out for. But it is very necessary to inform your kids about skipping out on random elders who ask them to get in their cars or go somewhere with them. In fact, it is better if in the time of need, your kids find suitable pedestrians for help instead of car owners.

Street and Car Safety

What to teach your kids includes a very important set of street rules such as:

  1. Not crossing the road alone
  2. Not running on the street
  3. Following the right-left-right looking rule
  4. Always holding hands of adults

Another thing to teach is the car safety rules that include buckling seat belts when starting, unbuckling in case of hot car or emergencies and even importance of sitting straight and holding front seats-back.

In case Kids are Lost

This is something quite common as kids always find something interesting and run off without your knowledge. So, to ensure that in such cases you can find them, teach your kids to shout out when they are lost. But since several kids shout out Mom and Dad in public places, shouting a familiar name is better such as the child’s own full name. Another thing to know is to find a worker nearby or an officer and state their names who can for you shout it out.

Teaching Names

It is very common when kids get lost. Usually when someone asks them about why are they alone, the kids ask for their mummy and daddy. This is the time when your kids should know your full name and learn it by heart so that he/she can tell about it. If the person who finds your kids gets your name, they can search you out in some way may be through an announcement or a guest list and so on to ensure your kid reaches back to you.

Good and Bad Touch

Kids are blissfully aware of realities in the world. The low thoughts of people nowadays have left many children scarred. To avoid this, kids must be taught to recognize signs such as, somethings that only parents and siblings are allowed to do such as kissing, bum patting, touching your body and so on. So, if any other person does that, the kids must recognize the wrong touch and report it or move away immediately. 

Preschool in Abu Dhabi

The safety of your children goes beyond ensuring home safety. It is your responsibility to ensure that your children are safe even when they are not with you. Hence, the need to teach them the above safety rules and more. Preschools in Abu Dhabi are probably the best choices for your little ones to learn, grow and have fun all the while keeping themselves safe. Although such learnings and safety rules must come from parents, preschools in Abu Dhabi have also taken up the initiative of teaching the kids about active safe keeping. Curriculums like Montessori have been known to include trained staff who are extremely observant and known to tackle any problem quite easily. They are the ones who understand the importance of such rules and how to help students inculcate them in their lives.

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