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Why Security is Important in Web Applications

Why Security is Important in Web Applications

A web application is client-server computer software that runs on a web browser. The web application provides a common interface for users despite using different operating systems. 

A client-side scripting language is applied to set the presentation of information whereas server-side scripting solves complex issues like storing and retrieving of data. A web application is the aggregation of both client-side and server-side scripting languages (HTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, etc).

In this blog, we will discuss why security is important in web applications despite the reason that it serves significant services like online sales, webmail, and banking.

What is Web Application Security?

Web application security deals with the protection of web services, websites and web applications from attacks occurring digitally. Hackers take advantage of security vulnerabilities of the programs like database administration tools, cross-site scripting, path traversal, content management systems (e.g. WordPress tools), and SaaS applications.

Best Web Application Security Practices

To achieve a strong and secure web application, there are several practices that you can implement, such as:

  • Implement strict web application security policies.
  • Implement an organized web application security plan.
  • Begin performing web application security measures during the development phase.
  • Allow only authorized users to access the web application.
  • Identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities.
  • Monitor the web servers regularly to identify suspicious malicious behavior in the application.
  • Learn to manage cookies securely.
  • Use a strong password for your web application.
  • Include features like threat modeling, risk analysis, static analysis, digital signature, etc in the security architecture.
  • Lead the web application and ethical hacking training to understand online security measures.
  • Organize Bug Bounty Programs.

Why do we Need Security for Web Application?

Due to the following reasons, web applications are vulnerable to attacks and needs security:

  • Consequences of attacks on the web application can be critical, enterprises can face several consequences like data theft, influence customer relations, permanent ban of the application and even lawful charges.
  • Web applications are the major part of the business and for a proper business flow, web applications must run smoothly.
  • Complexity in the source code increases the probability of vulnerability in the web application.
  • Considering the alarming state of web application hacking statistics, a digital application needs security.
  • Manipulation in source code is not that hard and can lead to higher risks like sensitive data theft, deletion, or modification.
  • Attacks on web applications can easily be automated to raise the frequency of attacks.
  • Your web application can get blacklisted if it encompasses something harmful like malware, viruses, therefore it is necessary to secure your application.
  • Cyber-attack on the web application can compromise the trust of your customers therefore, it is important to provide a safe platform to your users if you want your application to grow.
  • Strengthening web application security is helpful to remove the bugs in that platform for a smooth process.
  • It is important for safeguarding data of your users and your online sensitive information.
  • Security in web applications ultimately saves you from online business loss.


To develop a web application that brings profit, it’s proper functioning, consumer loyalty and stable transmission of information is necessary. Web application security training can provide a detailed guide on its modules. To take care of all the security aspects, it is essential. It makes sure that cyber threats and vulnerabilities are eliminated. Thus, it supports in building up a reliable and secure business.

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