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7 Most Important Car Upgrades You’ll Need for Long-Haul Road Trips

7 Most Important Car Upgrades You’ll Need for Long-Haul Road Trips

While going on a road trip with your friends or family is a wonderful way to make lasting memories, long-distance travel requires a lot more preparation and vehicle modifications than regular driving. In order to make your ride safer, more comfortable and incomparably more convenient, certain car improvements and alterations are absolutely necessary. So, here are some of the most important car upgrades you’ll need for your next long-haul road trip:

Quality security system

When it comes to long-distance travel, especially if you are going abroad, one of the most important safety tips to keep in mind is the security of your vehicle. Spending just a bit of time and money to make sure your car, as well as its contents, stay safe and sound during your travels will give you some peace of mind on the road. So, make it a point to invest in a powerful security system that includes a sensitive alarm, vehicle tracking and a kill switch, which will prevent potential thieves from even starting the vehicle.

New set of tires

Whether you are going on a skiing holiday or an off-road adventure, different terrains, as well as different weather conditions, will require a different set of tires. That is why it might be best to do some research on your destination before you depart, and change your tires accordingly, to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. It would also be wise to invest in a set of anti-theft wheel nuts, which require a specific key in order to remove the tires, to ensure your wheels never get tampered with while you travel.

Upgraded suspension system

From giving you adequate control over the vehicle to reducing the wear and tear of other vehicle aspects, a good suspension system will provide you with much more than just a smooth and comfortable ride. That is why it’s essential to maintain this often overlooked area of your car, and make sure it’s in good working condition before you hit the road. In case some steering parts are loose, struts are damaged or mounts worn-out, replace them with the best car parts available on the market before your next trip, to ensure a safe and carefree long-haul drive.

Enhanced lighting

When going on long-distance road trips, driving at night is nearly unavoidable, and there’s always a possibility you’ll encounter dimly lit roads or even need to go off-road during your trip. For that reason, it might be a good idea to equip your vehicle with a set of small light bars or spot lights. While light bars will provide a bit of additional illumination to ensure safe driving on urban roads, decent spot lights are more powerful, and will help illuminate any obstacle you might encounter, making them a better option for rural areas and unfavorable terrains.

Better navigation device

While most smartphones and modern cars nowadays already come with certain built-in GPS features, they might not be enough to get you through a long-distance trip. Instead, a much better option would be to invest in a standalone navigation device that can easily be mounted on the windshield. Not only will this be less of a distraction while driving, but a good GPS device can also make your ride safer and more convenient with additional features, such as awareness aspects that keep you alert while driving, traffic camera warning signs and updates on traffic congestions and accidents on the road.

Added storage space

If your long-haul road trip involves camping, fishing, skiing or other activities that require additional equipment, or you’re simply struggling to find enough room in your vehicle, a well-built roof box will provide you with all the storage space you need for your trip. Just be careful about adding too much weight into the roof rack, as it can make your vehicle top heavy, and increase drag. As roof boxes are also quite prone to theft, it might be a good idea to secure and lock them safely, and preserve your valuable items.

Handy accessories

Boredom, tiredness and loss of concentration can not only make the other passengers fussy and stressed, but also present a serious safety hazard when it comes to the driver, which is why it’s important to equip your vehicle with certain gadgets and accessories that will keep everyone entertained. For example, you can invest in video screens that will allow passengers to watch movies, play games or read books, keeping them satisfied during long-haul drives, which is especially significant when you’re traveling with children. It would also be a good idea to have a mount for your phone that will allow you to navigate through music or audiobooks safely, without needing to hold your phone.

Modifying your car for a long-distance journey doesn’t have to be particularly expensive or time-consuming. Simply by investing in the most important upgrades, you can ensure a safe and pleasurable long-haul road trip.

About the author: Mike Johnston is an avid freelance writer and blogger. He is a regular contributor to the Smooth Decorator blog. Mike’s specialty is interior design, but he also loves writing about travel, tourism, business, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.  Mike’s goal is to create interesting and compelling content and then share it throughout the online community.

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