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Benefits of Implementing Node.JS In eCommerce development

Benefits of Implementing Node.JS In eCommerce development

In this era of internet, the majority of retailers are moving on to the eCommerce website platform, which strategically is a great move keeping in mind the consumer’s opinion and the current market scenario. 

Now, it’s your time to take this important decision and provide your customers with the most amazing experience along with a lot of options to choose accordingly.

Based on recent research, there are more than 7,50,000 eCommerce firms around the globe which provide their services online. Before you develop your eCommerce website, it is important to decide on which platform you want to build it.

Out of various platforms available in the market, Node.JS is the most preferred framework used by developers worldwide. Here, we will provide in brief what is Node.JS and why it is the best option for eCommerce development.

What is Node.JS?

Node.JS is used in more than 85 countries around the globe and it powers 45 languages. Node.JS is an open-source and cross-platform Javascript runtime environment. It is mainly a server-side platform developed on Google Chrome’s V8 engine. 

Node.js can be used to build a lightning-fast web experience. It is not a programming language, however uses Javascript code and runs on both the client-side and the server-side. 

Scalability, cross-platform compatibility, and stability are some of the factors due to which Node.js is the first choice for eCommerce website development. It is useful to integrate various features such as product details, shopping options, payment gateways, and much more.

Node.js is fueling some of the leading websites across the globe such as Target, IBM, PayPal, Sony, RedHat, and many more. 

Now, we will walk you through some benefits of node.js in the eCommerce industry, which will help you to understand why it is the best option for eCommerce development.

Benefits of Implementing Node.JS in eCommerce development

Cross-platform Support

Node.js works on a cross-platform runtime javascript environment. In majority of cases, the developers are required to have knowledge about different programming languages, however, this is not the case when it comes to node.js.

It can be easily implemented on both client as well as server-side application. It also allows the developers to go for code reusability if there is further modification.

Great Speed

Backed-up by Chrome’s V8 engine it provides optimum speed of operation as the javascript builds native machine code. Node.js eCommerce enables handling of parallel connections leading to higher performance. All asynchronous I/O operations are controlled with single sub-operations resulting in quicker operations. 

Optimum Performance

When compared with other languages like PHP, Node.js provides optimum performance at a lower cost. 

Nodejs will simplify and make website experience more convenient due to various factors such as selecting the product, checking product details, and selecting an appropriate payment options, etc.

Low Development Cost

Working in the real-time certainly reduces the cost of node.js development to half. The node.js I/O model is highly effective that it didn’t stop the I/O operation even though it works in real-time. 

Moreover, the website gets updated at a very high speed. Here, the development cost is reduced because you will only require one team for both front-end and backend.


The event-driven design of node.js is responsible for providing scalability to web applications. 

It offers effective and small modules which work well with the websites and also the new modules can be added easily, which makes it more scalable. Moreover, node.js can be highly customized based on the requirement of the current eCommerce website platform.

Open Source

One of the most essential benefits of Node.js eCommerce is that it is open-source, hence you don’t require any license to operate node eCommerce store.

Being an open-source platform, you have the freedom to take advice from the developers and professionals which will help you to build your eCommerce node js store.

Big Community

An eCommerce platform mainly consists of a highly complex structure which one has to design along with all the required features, functionalities, and much more. Developers might require constructive support and help from the community members when they want a solution to a specific problem.

The big community of node.js developers is working constantly to provide optimum solution to the other members. Moreover, when you face any problem, you can take the help of GitHub and StackOverflow to find feasible solutions to the problem.

Benefits of Plugins

One of the main benefits of adopting node.js for eCommerce development is that whether you want to update your current eCommerce website or develop a new one, you will get access to readymade plugins.

Majority of free plugins are available on GitHub and are free for the downloading process. They will help you to speed up the development process without spending much from your pocket.

Data Streaming

All the eCommerce web apps, mobile apps, and websites have to process various files at loading time. The architecture of node.js is developed in a way that any HTTP request and its required output follows a single data stream. 

Hence, it processes all the files in a single run and this becomes an added advantage for an eCommerce website.  

Proxy Server and Security

Node.js provides a proxy server which makes it simple to collect data from multiple sources such as eCommerce apps and websites. The framework also provides high customization and meets the latest security standards. 

Node package manager

Dependency management is one of the major issues faced by eCommerce stores however the websites that are built-in node.js don’t face this issue. Node package manager (NPM) consists of 6,000 modules, hence it crosses the growth and scalability standards of any other framework.

Instant Communication and Easy Management

While developing a web or mobile application, the most important features that you require is the real-time interaction with the users. As node.js supports both, frontend and backend development, communications becomes simple as you will be able to interact with the clients easily. Moreover, Node.js allows you to integrate chat-based tool on your website.

Node.js allows an admin to manage products with ease whether its a single or multi-vendor platform. Also, it facilitates product listing process due to its NoSQL database. 


After providing various benefits of Node.Js, we can say without any doubt that it is the best framework to develop eCommerce websites and its various apps. 

There is a very high competition in the eCommerce business and industry, hence you will require a robust, reliable and secure platform to succeed in the market. For this, the best option is node.js framework.

To develop a highly-effective eCommerce website, we recommend you to take help from a Node.js development company as they will have the complete knowledge about the current market scenario.

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