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Impact of COVID-19 On Travel And Tourism

Impact of COVID-19 On Travel And Tourism

Till 2019, we all were closer. Thanks to the technological revolution that made traveling across the globe easy. But, 2020, so far has been a year of helplessness because a virus demands that we halt, and take shelter in place. The spread of CoronaVirus or COVID-19 has not only put human life under threat but also has endangered the soul of travel and tourism. 

In this time of uncertainty, all industries– the online gifting portal that allows you to send rakhi to Belgium, the telecommunication industry that facilitates you with internet services, the educational industry, the agriculture industry, etc. are reeling. However, it is the transport, travel and tourism industry that has faced a major blow. It would not be wrong to say that they have been hit hard because of the border closures, lockdown, suspension of visas, and travel restrictions. 

Documenting the tourism losses would be challenging, as the data rises as the number of cases increases. If the virus continues to spread for several more months (as it is projected), the World Travel and Tourism Council, the trade group representing global travel companies, estimates a global loss of million jobs and trillion in revenue. “Losses come daily, as of April 2, British airways is reportedly poised to suspend 36,000 staffers.” 

America’s travel industry is among the hardest to hit. The U.S. Travel Association forecast a loss of 4.6 million jobs through May, figures more likely to increase if pandemic spreads.

Another report of the US Travel Association reveals that the impact on travel is six or seven times more severe and greater than the 9/11 attacks. The Association contributes trillions of dollars to the economy and supports million jobs in the U.S. 

The African travel and tourism industry has succumbed to the COVID-19 outbreak and has collapsed as a result of inadequate urgent funding. 

Not only overseas, the travel and tourism industry of our homeland– India has been impacted enormously. According to the CII, this is the worst crisis to have hit the Indian tourism industry that has affected all its geographical segments–inbound, outbound, all travel verticals, adventure, leisure, heritage, cruise, corporate, hospitality, and more. 

The CII Tourism committee further added, the whole tourism value chain across hotels, travel agents, destinations, restaurants, tour operations, family entertainment venues, land & sea transportation, everything has suffered a huge blow, and is suffering. 

The economy has lost thousands of crores of rupees because of the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe. As per the estimate of the Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism and Hospitality, Indian Tourism could be starting at 38 million Job losses due to COVID-19. Sigh!

The Corona virus is on a world tour while we all are forced to stay indoors, away from each other. The pandemic has caused a blow to the travel and tourism industry across the globe beyond our imagination. 

Until COVID-19 is here, RIP Travel and Tourism. 

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