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Bathroom Shelf Ideas to Maintain a Clutter Free Space

Bathroom Shelf Ideas to Maintain a Clutter Free Space

Bathrooms are the smallest room in the house, as a general rule. Sometimes this makes them harder to keep organized.

Many people have found that shelving is both versatile and a great way to add more storage room in a bathroom. A few strategic shelves can keep this room from getting cluttered.

Would you like to take advantage of the magical organizational powers of shelves in your bathroom? 

This wide variety of shelf ideas could be perfect for your decluttering needs.

Mini Shelves

When working with limited space, you can use mini shelves to add extra room wherever they fit. It may surprise you how many places you’ll find.

Over the TP Holder

You can even use areas that are already in use and add on a shelf for good measure. One such place is over the toilet paper holder.

By adding a small 6×6 inch shelf and a hanging toilet paper rod, you can have easy access to your toilet paper and add a spot for holding your phone, book, or coffee mug (whatever you usually bring into the bathroom with you — no judgment here!). 

In the Corners

These spaces are notoriously underused. You can add small triangular shelves in any free corner of your bathroom for keeping your air freshener, lotions, and things like these.

To the Side of Your Sink

No longer will your bathroom vanity be a cluttered mess. You can install a shelf (or two) to either side of your sink that will hold your soap, hand lotion, and toothbrush holder.

Wall Brackets

For small shelves that are also stylish, wall brackets are the best choice. You can arrange them in a pattern to add even more style and decor.

Shallow Horizontal Shelving

A shallow shelf that spans the length of the wall is ideal for shelving. It allows you to see every item. Not to mention the convenience of quick access to it all as well!

Another benefit of this type of shelving is that it won’t take up precious space. 

This shelf can be as shallow as three inches deep and still provide plenty of space for soap dispensers, shampoo bottles, and hair products.

Many women struggle with the need to organize their makeup in a way that allows for easy access. A long shallow shelf will allow you to display all your lipsticks, compacts, and palettes in an easy to see manner. 

Multipurpose Shelving

When you only have room for one shelf, it’s best to make it count! You can install a multipurpose rack that takes care of various storage needs. 

This shelf can have baskets, hooks, and rods — oh my! Of course, it will also include a board for shelf space. 

This multipurpose shelf can hold towels from the hooks, keep toiletries in the baskets, and on the shelves. Then you can use the rod to hang clothing from. 

Recessed Shelving

There is a lot of wasted space between the studs in your walls. 

Sometimes you just need extra shelves. But you’re having a hard time finding a place to put them. Especially without them jutting into the precious square footage.

This is where recessed shelving can be your answer. 

Where can you put recessed shelves? 

Pretty much anywhere that you find an empty area between two wall studs. You can’t add recessed shelves in any area that has piping or electrical wires behind the walls.

Popular places to add recessed shelving include behind the toilet and on the wall over the tub. Conveniently, these two areas are both places that could really benefit from extra storage space.

It might sound intimidating to try and build a shelf between the studs of your walls, but it is very doable. Check out this easy to follow instructable on how to do it. 


An etagere is a fancy frenchword for a tall stack of shelves. These are great for bathrooms because they are usually slim and tall.

Another significant aspect of an etagere is that you can designate each level to a specific group of bathroom objects.

Etageres are moveable, but you can make them even easier to move around by installing rollers to the bottom of it.

They are a perfect solution for rentals. This is because they aren’t permanent, and you can easily take them down when you’re ready to move out.

Wall Mounted Cubbies

Don’t have wood or resources for traditional shelving? 

No problem! You can find things around your home that you can mount on the walls that will serve as shelves.

All you need is a hammer and nails or some heavy-duty putty to attach these makeshift shelves to the walls.

To make these DIY shelves even more convenient, you can use items that can hold more than the average shelf by making them into cubbies.

Straw baskets are one option that you can use to serve as a wall-mounted cubby. They usually come in different sizes. Choose the one that works for your needs. 

Wire baskets are another great option. You can simply hook these baskets onto hooks screwed into the wall for easy installation and removal.

Wire baskets work exceptionally well because they still allow you to see all the contents of the basket. You don’t have to worry about fishing around for what you need.


When it comes to shelves, there’s no space too small to fit one. Any space can benefit from a shelf, especially a bathroom.

From mini shelves to etageres, recessed to multipurpose — there’s a shelving solution ready to help you get more organized.

Use any of these six ideas in your own home to find unique ways to organize your towels, toiletries, or makeup for a clutter-free bathroom.  

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