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HVAC Zone Control Made Simple

HVAC Zone Control Made Simple

We all use the heating and cooling system in our house to regulate the temperature inside. These HVAC systems help us live in comfort during every season. Though modern systems provide us with various benefits, there is always room for improvement.

If you have been using a ducted heater or cooler, you need to consider using an HVAC zone control system as it provides you with amazing control over temperatures. This is one way to cool or heat your house in a much controlled and efficient manner. 

Read on to know more about how an HVAC zone control system works and the benefits it provides

How Does The HVAC Zone Control Unit Work?

The zone control system includes three major components. They are the control panel, the thermostat, and the electronic damper. You need to call in a professional for its installation, who first divides your house into different zones. The thermostat is then installed in every zone and all of which are wired to the control panel. The electronic dampers too, are wired into the central control panel. The zone dampers are placed inside your ducts that help control the flow of air to different rooms based on the zone. These dampers open and close based on the zone selected from the central control panel. 

Homeowners can increase or decrease the temperature for a particular zone with the central control panel, and this helps you to maintain different temperatures in different rooms of your house with ease. 

The HVAC zone control system makes use of various thermostats in each house. Every zone uses a different unit with a different temperature setting. If you reside in a bigger house, you can even use one unit in every room, which is often not required. 

Benefits of HVAC zone control

Customize temperatures

Using the HVAC zone control, homeowners can heat and cool every room in a customized way. You can cool the bedrooms more than the bathrooms. Also, you need not keep your living room warm during the night, or when it is not in use. You can even turn off the heating or cooling in rooms that are not in use, like guest rooms for example. 

Energy efficient 

One of the biggest advantages provided by an HVAC zone control is energy efficiency. Homeowners can now save energy, thus saving a lot on their monthly bills. But how is this possible, especially when you are using more than one thermostat! 

When you are using an HVAC zone control system, you are neither heating nor cooling the rooms that are not in use. This way you save on energy, which impacts your monthly bill too. 

Efficient heating

We often witness a few hot or cold areas in our house, even when we are using regular HVAC systems. This is because most of the heaters and coolers are inefficient to maintain the same temperature across the house. With the help of HVAC zone control, you can control the temperatures for even heating. You can easily adjust the temperature to take care of the hot or the cold areas in the house. 

HVAC zone control systems can be used in any house, and almost everywhere inside the house. These systems can be used for your basements or high ceilings or in homes that have a lot of doors and windows. Zoning control provides you with a wide range of benefits which are very hard to ignore. 

So, the next time you are worried about inefficient heating in your bedroom, consider choosing the HVAC zone control systems, and control the temperatures effectively, and with ease. 

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