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HP Laptop Buying Guide 2019: Consider Few Points before Buying the HP Laptop

HP Laptop Buying Guide 2019: Consider Few Points before Buying the HP Laptop

First things first!

If you are all set to buy the best laptop in India, then you are bound to come across many established as well as       new brands. However, among all such laptop manufacturing companies, HP is considered one of the top brands.

HP laptops are designed keeping in mind your daily needs and categorized for family, student, home office and more.

If you wanted to buy the best HP laptop and wanted to know how one may suit your specific needs, then here is an article that you may go through and know more. Read on!

HP laptop for home and personal use

HP laptops are also created in many family brands, which are designed to cater to your daily needs, be it your needs for projects, studies, gaming or media.

HP laptops are stylish and compact, but they pack in a punch to keep you connected and entertained, no matter where you go!

For the family – For entertainment, browsing the internet, watching movies and videos, playing games and listening to music and more.

For students – A student may use an HP laptop for doing homework, college assignments and school projects.

For home office – For an entrepreneur, online business and working from home needs.

HP laptop for office and business use

If you are looking to buy a laptop for office and personal use, even then an HP laptop may work wonders to complement your needs. Here’s how it can help you achieve all:

For workplace – You may use an HP laptop for business applications, dead easy conferencing and collaboration, client’s meeting, and high security features, travelling for work and more.

For education – For doing school and university, tuition classes, computer lab, administration office and more.

For creators – Creators such as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, 3D Artist, VR/AR Creator, CGI Artist and Game Creator can also use this series of HP laptop.

HP premium laptops

The range of HP premium laptops combines stylish design with over-the-class technology. They are luxurious and come laced with exemplary features and quality performance. Such HP laptops are refined material and are lightweight and sleek. As a result, they look super stunning and are made to deliver the best of mobile computing for its users.

HP gaming laptop

If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level of excellence, then buying an HP gaming laptop may help you. They provide you with a full-fledged desktop performance in the updated high-definition games. Laced with immersive sound that will enhance your gaming experience, you are sure to get the best.

Some best HP laptops that you can buy

HP Pavilion 15 Core i5 8th Gen Gaming Laptop

If you wanted to buy an excellent piece for your home that may also double up as a gaming device, then the HP Pavilion 15 Core i5 8th Gen Gaming Laptop is fine. Some of the features of this HP laptop include:

  • 15.6 inch display
  • Intel Core i5 8th Gen processor
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64 bit Windows 10 operating system
  • 1 TB HDD
  • Fit for playing graphics rich games

The price of this multi-purpose HP laptop in India is around Rs.60,000.

HP 15 Core i3 7th Gen Laptop

Here is an HP laptop that you can get to complement all your computing needs without issues. It is the HP 15 Core i3 7th Gen Laptop, which comes with features such as:

  • 15.6 inch display
  • Intel Core i3 7th Gen processor
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64 bit Windows 10 operating system
  • 1 TB HDD/128GB

You may bring home this HP laptop at a price of around Rs.34,000.

You just went through the HP laptop buying guide and some laptop models that may match your needs.

Buying a laptop and paying its entire price in one go may hurt your wallet. Hence, if you can opt for an easier buying option, then you may manage it easily.

You can divide the cost of an HP laptop over a tenor and pay only a fixed EMI and nothing more to save substantially. The easy EMI facility is offered in India by the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network in 60,000+ local outlets and 1300+ cities.

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