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How to Use Custom Tote Bags for Brand Promotion

How to Use Custom Tote Bags for Brand Promotion

The companies are always on the lookout for the promoting their brand at the lowest possible cost. The customised tote bags are powerful and reusable tools for the marketing of your business. It is also remarkably beneficial for creating a solid brand awareness for your store.

They are also apt for being used as corporate gifts, giveaways and through direct mails as well as for promoting the trade shows, public events and conventions.

Tote bags happen to be popular amongst the consumers as they are pragmatic and they also contribute towards the betterment of the earth’s environment by reducing the plastic bag wastes.

Tote Bags

Reasons to Use Custom Tote Bags for Promoting Your Brand

Apart from that, there are several other reasons why the custom tote bags work. Some of them are enlisted below. Just take a look.

Affordable – The promotional tote bags are a one-time expense and irrespective of whether you give away the tote bags as freebies the value of the money invested on promotional tote bags are going to enhance as long as they are in use.

Effective – The customised tote bags are quite functional, and they are also a portable and visual medium for which they serve as perfect for marketing.

Eco-friendly Connection– The branded tote bags are eco-friendly unlike the environmentally harmful plastic bags. They are contributing to the betterment of the earth and that is they why also help to create a name for your business as an environmentally aware brand.

High Retention– Research reveals that most people love to carry promotional products or wear them on a day-to-day basis. The promotional tote bags are quite effectual in that way also.

Uses of Customised Tote Bags

Below are enlisted some of innovative applications of customised tote bags for the benefit of any brand.

Use for Guerrilla Marketing

This type of approach in marketing involves the use of the unconventional and budget-friendly strategies for capturing the attention of the customers and produce results in the process. Then fill the totes with coupons, swag and flyers and find congregation of people. Then announce the word “Free” with your microphone. People are bound to throng your shop because of that. If this presentation is impressive you can also entice people to share the popup advertisement   on their social media and other digital media platforms.

Offer Them in Store Events

You should reward the referred and the current customers for showing up on the events that you hosted. In this case, use the convenient and hassle-free personalised totes. This group can be excited and curious to know about what the business has to offer. If they have a positive experience, they will also be happy to spread a positive word of mouth about your business.

Take Them Out to Trade Shows

According to research over 70 percent of the attendees in trade shows who receive a promotional product remember the name of the company that gave them the product. You should simplify carrying the goodies for the visitors of your stand with customised totes.

Offer through Direct Mail

Through the direct mails, too, you can offer the branded tote bags. The clever and the functional promotional products can be accrued to the direct mail. These can enhance the response percentages in a massive way.

Distribute as Incentives for Pre-Orders and Subscriptions

You should show appreciation for the loyal customers who constantly bring the business. You can offer customised tote bags as a thank you gift to the customers for pre-ordering any product, upgrading the expensive packages and subscribing to the long-term services. Customers who are your avid followers are most likely to make the best usage of the branded bags which, in turn, make them beneficial recipients of the brand.

Use for Charity Events and Donation

You can find schools or charitable organizations in your neighbourhood. This way you can stand by them by supporting their clothing and food drive through the totes. As the bags are distributed with your brand name engraved on them your business name also gets a boost through them. The additional media attention is a further add-on to your gains. Another way to do this is to fill a bag or two with presents for raffling off in a fundraising event. This is an absolute win-win situation for you.

Make Use as Employee Welcome Package

The employees have the greatest potential for endorsing the brand. You can welcome the new products into the fold with the customised tote bags.  Fill them with essentials for the first day like orientation and desk supplies as welcome gifts. The right and enthusiastic employee is an asset for any healthy business. Added to that, these employees are the first-hand witnesses of your contribution towards the wellbeing of your customers along with your brand value. Customers are bound to show faith in your company if employees speak about your company authentically and carry your branded merch.

Utilise for Retail

The customers can use the tote bags at the time of shopping at the store which is being promoted as well as elsewhere. This is a welcome promotional medium in case of the environmentally aware communities. Afterall, they have banned the plastic bags for good. As a retailer, you can either put the customised tote bags for sale or give away as freebies. In both the scenarios, the retailers can save on the pocket by reducing the costs of paper and the plastic bags. This also allows the retailers to comply with the bans on plastic bags. Retailers also provide discounts to customers who use these tote bags as incentives for using them.

The above are some of the ways of using promotional tote bags for the benefit of your business and for boosting your brand awareness.

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