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How to Get Compensation for Casco Insurance After an Accident

How to Get Compensation for Casco Insurance After an Accident

One of the types of insurance cases for hull insurance is a traffic accident. Various collisions – the most frequent phenomena that lead to damage to the car. When the car is insured against damage, the owner may not worry about the cost of repairs, since the insurance company will reimburse everything. However, it is important to correctly collect all the documents and know how to get reimbursement for CASCO insurance after an accident.

What is a CASCO accident

Unlike compulsory insurance, CASCO includes a broader definition of a traffic accident. According to the OSAGO accident, which entails the obligation of the insurer to pay for repairs, only those collisions are considered in which two or more cars were broken.

In case of voluntary insurance of a car against damage caused by an accident, the following events are called:

casco insurance
  • Hitting a fixed object (lamppost, curb, tree);
  • Collision with a person or an animal;
  • The accident of two, three or more cars;
  • Rollover of the vehicle in a ditch;
  • Damage by a stone that bounced off another car.

All of these events are at risk of accidents, so if you have a similar trouble, you need to think about how to get compensation for CASCO.

What to Do at the Scene of the Accident

No matter how small and insignificant the accident, it is always stressful for the driver. However, do not panic to avoid rash decisions and wrong actions. The first step is to perform the actions prescribed by the road rules in order to insure against unnecessary fines from the traffic police.

If you had an accident:

  • Immediately stop and make sure you don’t hurt anyone;
  • Remove the emergency sign; install it 15 meters from the place of collision (if the accident occurred outside the city, then no less than 30 meters);
  • Record the accident using Europrotocol or traffic police inspector.

It is also recommended to call the insurance company directly from the scene, since only the employee of the insurer can competently advise on how to receive a compensation for the CASCO insurance after your accident on your contract terms. The fact is that the policy may provide for the possibility of processing the case without references from the traffic police. Then you do not have to spend time waiting for the inspector, which sometimes can take hours.

Insurance Companies have special insurance programs that help facilitate the design of the accident. Under what circumstances you can not call the traffic police, and under what – it is necessary, depends on the individual conditions prescribed in the policy.

Most companies do not need to get help when:

  • In the accident there is no second car;
  • Broken only glass elements of the car (headlight, fog, windshield);
  • The paintwork of one or two body elements is damaged.

You can find out the insurance terms of your policy from a specialist, or carefully examine the rules attached to the CASCO contract.

How to Get Compensation for Casco Insurance in Case of an Accident

To receive a referral for repairs or cash payments, you need to arrive by car insurance claims office and submit all necessary documents:

  • Application (text “APPLICATION” – link to the article with sample applications) (the form can be obtained at the company’s office and fill in on the spot);
  • Certificate of registration of the machine;
  • The rights of the driver involved in the insured event;
  • Insurance contract;
  • Receipt of payment of insurance premium;
  • Help from the traffic police (if necessary).

In addition to the delivery of documents, you need to show the vehicle to an expert so that he can assess the necessary repair effects. The car must be submitted for inspection in its pure form, otherwise the insurer may not notice all the shortcomings of the body. This will entail either a payment that is insufficient to restore the car, or a waste of time for additional agreements between the vehicle workshop and the company (in the case of a referral to a workshop).

The insurance policy may provide additional options under which the policyholder will not need to come to the office to apply. In this case, the emergency commissioner arrives right at the scene of the accident and inspects the car and fills out a statement about the insured event.

After receiving the application, the company gets time to study all the documents (about two weeks). According to the results of consideration, a decision will be made on whether the event is considered insurance or to refuse.

How to Get Payments for Casco Without an Accident

In addition to accidents with the car, other troubles can occur, many of them are insured events on the hull insurance, for example:

  • Hijacking;
  • Vandalism (glass breakage, damage to the paintwork with sharp objects);
  • Theft of car parts (wheels, antennas, washer nozzles, etc.);
  • Damage by natural phenomena (hail, strong wind);
  • Vehicle fire;
  • Falling items on the car (snow from the roof, plaster from the front of the house).

In order to fix the insured event, you need to contact the relevant state authorities (the text of the “State authorities” – a link to a table with a list of insurance claims and authorities) Depending on the type of incident, these could be: police, fire brigade or hydrometeorological center. What is needed is, as in the case of an accident, to submit a written application to the insurance company and wait for a decision to recognize the event as an insured event.

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