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How to Choose Colour Contact Lenses

How to Choose Colour Contact Lenses

One of the major advances in eye care is the invention of contact lenses. It is a blessing for people who hate wearing glasses. Modern contact lenses are colored contact lenses that can improve both eyesight and beauty.

Thus, by choosing colored contact lenses, you can get a double benefit of avoiding glasses and changing eye color.   Colored contact lenses are now the latest fashion accessories, especially among young people.

A new pair of colored contact lenses can completely change the shape. It can make you turn from colorless and durable to neat/beautiful in a few seconds. This is probably the fastest change you will ever see. But transformation cannot be successful unless you are careful in choosing which color works on your skin color and the structure of your face. 

Choosing the best-colored contact lenses may be interesting, although it is a bit difficult. It is important that users begin to analyze bone structure and structure, as well as consider the purpose or occasion they wish to use colored contact lenses before deciding on them.

Here are some ways to choose and choose colored contact lenses.   Have your eye test:  First of all, you have to take some time to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. It is necessary to go out and make sure that you have a more accurate prescription, especially if you also need to choose corrective lenses.

If you do not, you should still go to an ophthalmologist to measure your eye size. Most high quality online and offline sites will not sell contacts to individuals without this information.    List down examples of colored contacts lenses:  Select current contact lenses and view examples of each.

You can ask the optician for the best-colored lenses as they are able to coordinate the lenses with their faces. Get your doctor’s permission to test contact lenses for a short period of time to make sure they are right for you. 

colour contact lenses

Color of your own eyes 

choosing the right contact lenses requires evaluating color of your eyes. Look carefully at your eyes and see the colors that fit and improve the look of your eyes. Choose color:. If you want to look a little deeper, you can consider the shades of improvement.

These types of contacts can create your eyes in dark blue, bright blue eyes, dark browns, golden eyes, light green eyes or dazzling green walnuts. The colored contact lenses give a bright color, but do not change the eye color completely.

These colored contact lenses are solid and able to change the color of your current eyes to a new color. Suppose dark brown eyes can be painted pale blue or pale purple.  

Skin Tone/Complexion 

One of the key issues when choosing is skin color. If you are dark or dark skin, warm colors like hazelnut and honey will improve your are how to choose according to skin color   

For light skin 

In addition, consider your skin color when choosing. If the contact lens color does not match the color of the skin or dress, it will definitely destroy the full look. For example, if you have light skin, the gray and blue shapes look great.

You can also choose bright and shiny colors such as Carrabin Aqua and Turquoise. This color gives freshness to a person with fair skin. 

For dark skin  

If you have dark skin or the color of a chocolate skin, you can give contact lenses for autumn or honey a bright look.

This kind of colored lens can cause a look to the eye. For a cooler appearance, a person can choose amethyst or gray misty. Both of these colors have the ability to add sexual attraction to your eyes. Anyone with dark skin can wear contact lenses in blue or green. It is strictly forbidden to use bright color shades for people with skin color.

The bright shade of the contact lenses will surely shine the appearance of a dark-skinned person.

For tanned skin 

People with tanned or olive skin color can choose light contact lenses. You will add a bright shade to the glow lenses on your face. It is recommended that the person does not have a green makeup with such a shade of skin. Make-up green with green lenses will make it look dull.   

Gray, hazelnut, and honey are other favorite colors for such skin. Dark blue contact lenses are also recommended to improve the appearance of tanned or olive skin. Dark blue contact lenses give a subtle look to people who have such skin. 

Check the type of shade you want

All color contact lenses are available in one, two or three colors. As the term suggests, one tone has one color, a combination of two colors of two shades and a mix of three tones for three rich shades in a single contact lens.

The three colored lenses are the best in creating the natural depth of the dimension and the eye and appear to be the most vital. It is also the most expensive three. 

Therefore, many users prefer to use monochrome or monochrome lenses for the first time when they first experiment. When you feel comfortable in contact lenses and are able to identify the colors that best fit them, they can choose the lenses in three colors. 


After selecting the color, select the appropriate lens. it is strongly recommended using Presbyopic lenses, as they also provide protection against harmful ultraviolet rays and exceptional comfort.

It is also important to determine whether you want solid lenses or soft lenses. Solid lenses are the most cost effective and can last for a year, while soft lenses are offered as one-time disposable, disposable for two weeks, disposable once and quarterly.

In fact, the big brands used by people wearing contact lenses without cosmetics, such as TTDEYE, it is one of the greatest brand offering various types of colored contact lenses ,which are of high quality issue their own color versions so that people who want to change their appearance regularly do so while keeping the eye health in the best case.

You can purchase them directly or ask them from your optician or national eye specialist network.  

Check the label carefully

The next thing you want to do is check the label twice to see if the contacts have been approved by the relevant national regulatory authority. This advice is important for those who buy to improve their vision as well as for those who wish to change the color of the eye. If you decide to buy in an online store, there will always be a chance of confusion and loss.

The best solution is to narrow your options to a few of the best online contact lens vendors, then visit their forums to learn about the quality and after-sales service.  conclusion Color contact lenses in different options have become a common choice in the fashion industry.

They are available with a prescription or non-prescription options so you can choose the eye color that fits your clothes. This exciting opportunity is available in many clothing stores and visual stores. It is recommended that you only buy from a reputable eye specialist to minimize the risk of poor quality purchases that can damage your eyes.

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