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How to write a formal essay?

How to write a formal essay?

Conquering in the game of drafting the finest level formal essays isn’t a child’s play however, understanding the same can definitely be of great help. This is why scholars and academicians keep looking for essay writing service in USA and other parts of the world.

Before we start onto creating the draft and the tips and tricks related to the same, you must first understand what a formal essay is exactly!

What Is a Formal Essay?

Defining a formal essay refers to analyzing a topic in its best possible form. If an essay concerns to a fact/event/person and remains grounded on provable facts and examples without implementing the usage of any personal opinion, it remains to be a formal essay.

A formal essay is mostly an academic level paper that is created for informing the audience relating to a piece of information. It goes opposite to an argumentative essay that holds an author’s stand and point proving skills on a controversial topic using the argumentative statements.

However, one should always remember that there are certain rules that need to be followed for creating a formal essay.

How to Write a Formal Essay?

The process of writing any essay paper needs to first strictly adhere to the guidelines and rules as per directions. In order to begin, one need follow the below mentioned stages, initially:-

  1. Choosing the topic
  2. Narrowing the chosen theme
  3. Thesis statement creation
  4. Paragraphs creation for the essay
  5. Drafting conclusion
  6. Extending the essay with required and relative information

Even though, these stages are the basic ones but, mostly scholars tend to juggle up their sequence, landing into a messed up piece of work.

Basic Features of Formal Essay Structure

Creating the right formal essay completely depends on its structure as well. Thus, here we discuss about the each and every component of a formal essay structure including- heading, thesis statement, paragraphs, and conclusion.


Essay heading, the most critical point of the essay depicts the title page of the draft and helps the readers recognize what it is all about. This is why; the formal essay heading is of the greatest concern. Include everything like-author name, essay topic, date of issue, and university along with the subsidiary information in the form of your phone number and email.

Thesis Statement

It is the opening line of your essay and thus, it mandatorily needs to have a brilliant thesis statement. Defining the introduction of a formal essay, it shouldn’t be more than 1-2 sentences, introducing the topic and your position on it.


Analysing the background information to be published in your essay, you must decide on how many paragraphs are needed in your essay along with the volume of these paragraphs. The best way for this is to keep one paragraph for every point and in case of an extension, connects 2-3 points into a single paragraph.


The conclusion is the second most important segment for your formal essay after the introduction. Under this, the entire essay needs to be summarized right here. The conclusion needs to be drafted as per the information shared, drawing final conclusions out of it.

Tips on Drafting a Formal Essay

Here are a few basic to definitely keep in mind:

  • Including heading (date, name, university, topic)
  • Keep the entire text double-spaced
  • 1-inch margins should be set on either sides and choose a 12-point size for words
  • Introduction, main body, and conclusion need to be included, mandatorily
  • Don’t forget to include references
  • Make sure to use short paragraphs (5-6 lines maximum)

Drafting a formal essay isn’t something out of the world but, yes it does need to keep in mind a few dos and don’ts. So, make sure to follow the same and you are all set to great assignment. Even the formal online essay writing service providers do suggest the same.

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