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How to Write Engaging Contents on Twitter:

How to Write Engaging Contents on Twitter:

Twitter is a very famous Networking tool. It is also called “microblogging”. It is used to tweet and interact with other people all over the world. It also has messaging options that help communicate with your friends and your circle. It is used by millions of people and different organizations because through Twitter you can spread your words all over the globe very quickly. It is also a platform for business people to grow their audiences and expand their channels. By tweeting engaging contents you can drive huge traffic to your profile. Get your twitter PVA accounts to get extra features.

Creation of Twitter:

It was founded on March 21, 2006, in San Francisco, United States.

Twitter has limited its audience to 140 tweets but after the upgrade, it has increased to 280 characters but it is not available for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. Its name is based on the Chirping of birds, thus its founders chose the shape of a bird to represent its logo. You can discover what’s happening in the world by using the “Discover” option on Twitter. It’s a source of new people to find their friends, or follow their favourite celebrities, or browse interesting profiles of music, sports, humour, entertainment or technology.

Let’s see the options of Twitter:

  • Tweet: It’s a kind of post that is in the form of micro-blogging.
  • Retweet: It means you can share a post from another person as well as you can retweet your tweets too.
  • Hashtags: To trend your tweets you can use different Hashtags. By using relevant Hashtags more people will be able to read your tweet.
  • Mention: Twitter also provides this option where you can mention any person that you want, be it your friend, or some celebrity or just a random person.
  • Handle: It’s a URL of your profile or someone’s profile. You can also share it on different social media websites like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.
  • Feed: This is the place where you can find your tweets as well as tweets by other users you are following.
  • Direct Message: Twitter provides its users with messaging options. You can also call it DM. You can get a message from an unknown person, but you will always have the option of blocking unwanted people.

Cool Ways to Write Engaging Content on Twitter:

  • Use common language.
  • Use pictures or videos.
  • Share informative third party contents.
  • Keep your tweets precise and informative.
  • Use Hashtags wisely.
  • Tag fellow users.
  • Share helpful tweets.
  • Set your profile picture.
  • Share the latest news and trends.
  • Be active and don’t leave space.
  • Connect with other people.
  • Promote others.
  • Ask questions and Answer to questions.
  • Retweet your tweets.

Use Common Language:

Use language that most of the people speak and understand. This will make your tweet more readable and people will be able to understand what you are trying to say through your tweet. Avoid using hard and uncommon vocabularies for your tweets, because nobody wants to read your tweet while keeping an eye on dictionaries. Try to convey your message in simple words and in creative ways.

Use Photos and Videos: 

Photos and videos help you to increase your engagement on the social platform. Don’t forget to attach photos or videos with your tweet. Visual contents can be really helpful as compared to only written content.

Share Third-Party Contents:

Sharing third party contents you will be able to drive their attention to your profile as well as it will be useful for people who follow you. Try to post informative tweets of the third party and of course don’t forget to mention them to get their attention. It will also help generate traffic. You can share tweets from your favorite beauty industry or technology page.

Keep Your Tweets Precise yet Informative:

Has a limited number of characters that you can use for your tweets so you must choose short words, yet creatively define your tweet. Be smart in tweeting and avoid using extra words to make your tweet longer. According to a survey, tweets that consist of 100 characters are seen to be the highest performing tweets. So always tweet short but informative to convey your message.

Use Hashtags Wisely:

Are said to be a great way to get your tweets in front of everyone. The more creative Hashtags you add, the more audience you will drive to your profile. But remember not to overdo it because it will make your profile indecent. Hashtags that are relevant to your tweet are the key to generate traffic and get your tweet trend on the top.

Your Fellow Users:

Can always tag any person that you want in your tweets. This will also show tweets to the followers of the person you’ve tagged in your tweets. Thus, more people will come to your profile.

Share Informative and Helpful Tweets:

Share tweets that will be helpful for other users. Be it any research conclusion or anything informative about a topic. People will read and retweet it if they find it useful for their daily lives.

Promote Others:

The best way to be promoted is to promote other users too. Always be generous and don’t hesitate to shout out to other users.

Use your Profile Picture:

Don’t trust those who choose any default images as their profile picture. Be real and genuine so people will feel comfortable while connecting with you.

Share the Latest News and Trends:

Be active to spread the latest news and trends to your followers. You must be able to be the very first person to break the news. This will be useful for your tweets because when people see new things they will share it more.

Be Active and Don’t Leave Space:

Be lazy in maintaining your profile. Always be active and tweet as much as you can. Because in this fast era, the space you create unintentionally, will be quickly filled by other users.

Ask Questions and Answers to Question:

Of the best ways to engage with your followers is to ask them interesting questions and give them informative knowledge. It is also a great thing to answers the questions asked by other followers; it will help them in connecting with you more often.


Is a great way of staying informed with events? It is also an effective way of building your profile and for businesses to expand their channels. Users are always competing with each other to get on the top. So always choose smart ways to stand out among everyone. The above-mentioned tricks will be very useful for you in getting your tweets on the first page.

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