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How To Write A Book Report

How To Write A Book Report

Sooner or later, all students have to write a report on the book they have read. This is not a very easy task. It is important to read the book for your enjoyment, and do not think about any article until you complete reading a book. Otherwise, you will have to grasp the nuances and think about what you read. Get out of the chair, walk around the room, then sit down at the table and start writing. Here are the 3 methods for What you need to do before writing a report form for writing a report final review. Stay tuned to know the methods.


Method 1 of 3: What you need to do before writing a report

1. Find out the requirements for your assignment. 

Ask questions to understand everything to the end. Can you read any book? What should be its volume? Are there any restrictions on the genre and themes? Do you need to analyze the whole book, or just express your opinion?

Decide what is most important in writing a book report for your teacher. How many words should be in the report? When does it need to be checked?

If you have not decided on a book yet, ask your friends to recommend something worthwhile to you. You can read an overview of the book on the Internet to understand what kind of book it is. Stick to the list of references and limitations.

2. Read the book and annotate it. 

Take a pen and paper. Label the pages you want to read. Make notes, mark relevant pieces, highlight your preferred quotes (if allowed). Try evaluating the book: it’ll teach you something if you are ready to learn. Remember these things:

Characters: Who are the main characters? What happened to them? Did you like them? Are these positive or negative characters?

Main topics and ideas: What is the main idea of the book? What events take place in the book? Have you learned anything new that you did not know before?

Quotes: Which passages do you like most? What quotes can you use to make your report more interesting?

3. Determine on book’s primary and supplementary ideas. 

Do this while you well remember all the events of the book. This way you can organize your thoughts for writing a report.

Who are the main characters of the book? What are they doing exactly that?, Why did they make you this or that impression?

In which section are turning points in history? What are the main events of the book? What does the finale of the work come from? Are you satisfied with such a finale?

Method 2 of 3: Report Writing Form

1. Start writing with a clear introduction. 

In the first paragraph, indicate the title of the book and the name of the author. Most likely, you will also have to indicate the publisher, year of publication of the book, genre and number of pages.

Besides the major things, you need to quickly analyze your report’s accomplishments. Indicate the main storylines and topics that the author raises.

2. Write the main part of the report. 

In the following paragraphs, refer to the assignment set by your teacher and decide which problems need further coverage and provide food for thought.

Do not forget to express your opinion about the read book. Do you like the book? What moments make her good or bad, strong or boring? Is it possible to compare a book with other works of the same author or the same genre? You can use the examples from the book to support your statements.

Dig a little deeper. What are the main ideas, motives or problems raised in the book? How relevant are they? Is this book food for the mind or spirit? Would you recommend this book to other people? Why? Why read this book? 

Do not try to conclude each chapter or turn of events. Choose the most significant and interesting.

If the book is sci

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