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How to Write a Perfect Business Email

How to Write a Perfect Business Email

Communication plays a vital role in running a business. Whether you want to spread the word about your business or promote a new product to existing customers, the best way to do it is through email. There are 3.9 billion active email users and no matter who you want to reach, sending them an email is a way to go. 


Sending a business email seems pretty straightforward but there’s much more to it than you might believe. How exactly do you start an email? How to present your product? Are there any rules you’re supposed to follow? Read on to find out.

Set up your business email address

If you want to send emails to potential customers, you first need to set up your business email address. Instead of opening a generic Gmail or Yahoo account, you should create an email using your company’s name as custom email addresses look more professional and are easy to remember. Not to mention that choosing your business name as your email address also helps promote your brand every time you click on that “send” button. The best part of it is that creating a custom email address isn’t as difficult as you might think. Just make sure you turn to web hosting professionals you can trust and they should be able to set it up for you.

Choose the right subject line

Have you ever written an email and had no idea what to put in the subject line? Don’t worry, it’s a field that confuses many professionals but it’s not as complex as you might believe. First of all, have in mind that a typical subject line reveals about 60 characters while a mobile device shows up to 30 characters on the screen. This means that your subject line needs to be short and consist of only the most important information. Avoid formalities such as “Hello” and be specific about the topic of your email. Another smart thing to do is to use keywords to make searching and filtering easier.

Introduce yourself

Whether you’re sending an email to a complete stranger or a customer who bought from you in the past, introducing yourself at the beginning of your email is a must. That way, you ensure the reader understands your message as soon as they start reading the email. Also, it helps avoid confusion and allows you to make a good first impression on people you’ve never met before. The next thing you should do is include a link to your website and make it easier for the reader to do some further research on you and your business. A single link to your home page is more than enough and if they’re interested in what you have to say, the reader might choose to browse it further. Of course, having a well-designed website is a prerequisite for including a link to your home page in the email.

Promote your product

The next part of your email is where you’re supposed to write more about your product or explain your reason for writing. The most important thing about this part is to make it as clear as possible. After all, why send an email if the reader won’t even understand what you have to say? You may find it tempting to write everything about your business and your product but the secret is to keep this part short as well. Instead, tell the reader what section of your website they should visit to find out more. In case you want to attach a file to the email, don’t forget to mention it in the text so that the reader doesn’t forget to open or download it.

End your email

There are multiple parts to an email closing such as a closing remark and your full name. A professional email closing is something you can never go wrong with. When it comes to your name, make sure you use your full name rather than just your first name or nickname. Last but not least, you should include a digital signature that makes it easier for the reader to remember your business. If you’re not good at Photoshop, having a professional design you a digital signature is recommended.

Over to you

No matter what the volume of emails you send and receive is, motivating yourself to make every email you write as effective as possible is crucial for your company’s reputation. Follow this guide and you can be assured every email you send is not just good, but great.
Bily Bum is an electrical engineer, tech, and gaming fan with 15 years of experience in the technology world. He is also a contributor on site Technivorz.

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