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How to Vent Your Portable Air Conditioner?

How to Vent Your Portable Air Conditioner?

Mostly a portable air conditioner is easy to set up and install they are convenient and if you have the proper tools and equipment well, it won’t take you more than 10-30 mins. 

A Dual Hose portable A/C only ease a person’s life when it is cooling and even assists in easing life when it is being installed. 

This will be the step to step guide on how to set and portable air conditioner, as there are some key features to consider when setting up and portable air conditioner. 

First, I’m going to start with as key point that considers having a proper venting and drainage. 

Venting is the vital key to set up a portable air conditioner as it exerts the warm or room air outside while providing you with chill and cool air. This is important as your portable A/C can get overheated or damaged when you do not set up a proper ventilation system. 

Drainage is another crucial key to keep in mind when setting up and Air Conditioner through the hose pipes all the condensed water is removed and you have to set those hose pipes properly as if not, they could damage your Portable air conditioner by overheating it. 

Perfect Place for Portable Air Conditioner:

These types of air conditioners are not the same common type and can’t be placed anywhere you want, I get it they can be somehow portable but they need a proper space and ventilation system to set it in a place. 

Proper places could include your flexible window which uses window vent to exert the exhausted air or sliding doors which again can be fixed with window vent and even it can be placed at the ceiling proving more and even cooling in the room. 

Proper Ventilation System

As I mentioned before that these types of A/C units or designs need a proper ventilation system as they do not have an outer like your simple and common A/C. 

The proper ventilation can be done in many ways such as it can be ventilated with the window to do that you just have to get window ventilation and voila here you have a Portable A/C fixed and setup. 

Now: coming towards the window vent it is quite complicated to set up but it can be done in only two steps: 

1- Install the Adjustable Window Kit: 

First, let me explain what is an adjustable window kit these are the platforms that allow holding the hose pipe to exert the condensed water droplets outside and even lets you exert the warm and uncomforting air. 

You just need to set up this kit at the bottom of the window if your window is traditional like slides up and down or set up at the side of your window slides left to right or vice versa. 

2- Connection of the Hose Pipe: 

Connecting the hose pipe is a vital piece of information or key to remember when setting up a Portable air conditioner. 

Just lock it airtight as it does not lose any sort of compressed air or leak water which again can be harmful to your A/C unit 

Some More Safety Features to Remember: 

User Manual: 

Should read the user manual properly as every portable A/C has different installation methods and tools so if not read this could lead you to set up your portable Air Conditioner improperly. 


A portable air conditioner should be connected directly to the power socket not indirectly in the extension or wired as it could not get proper electricity and if in power fluctuation it could get damaged. 

Weight and Safety: 

These portable A/C are quite heavy and should be carried around with a precaution as they could damage or injure you or people around you. 

Proper Assembly and Air Filter: 

Make sure that the proper air filter is installed provided by the company as debris and dust particles can damage your portable air conditioner, 


Setting up a portable Air conditioner is easy and can be simple if you follow the provided user manual protocols and take all the key features when assembling it while considering the safety features to prevent any type of damage or loss.

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